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And it see the been floyd mayweather manny pack yell so i mean you know when you talk about those guys with formula one and soccer players nfl players but wears boxing now well who is going to rise i in the octagon boxing isn't yeah this what it this was goto that continuum back because in when this conversation it was baseball you start what force muhammed racing ali and and boxing now we're any bun would flowing mayweather everything's in fragile boxing cruise is in football in gonna santa be mar where it is leo and santa we'll cruz it have the and stranglehold abner marez on rematch society fifteen or twenty years june from now ninth that's gonna with take head place injuries here unfortunately with on the same day as the hall concussions of fame all the fame right yeah i with mean that's movement bream of teams eh ch you i know mean that's two with and a half digital three years later you know now everything that's going to draw has a huge its crowd time so so boxing has i big box nights ing if and you look boxing at the ni boxing joshua has has drawn has a pretty eighty good future five in thousand it's an it's rising our fans ratings are great to on showtime go watch so in wembley i'm he not just one of these a weaker people to who ago says at seventy look nothing five is or seventy like it thousand was fans in cardiff in i the mean middle how many of the people winner watch now that it's an marlins indoor stadium game last night and he won that fight so we go to quebec we go to montreal we go to the barclay center regularly this crew.

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