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More sir. Choose when to have my children and and with whom when I felt supported and able to balance our lives knowing is all mothers note that this is a hold on real quick. I don't know the specifics of the I think it's Fosse She some forgetting the FX shows fossey somebody else Verdict or something and it's about a dancer and a director okay. I don't think abortion is like a main. It'd be one thing either. She played like a God or something like it doesn't. It's like the office only had a planned parenthood. Parenthood Clinic. Yes yes I don't know what's next fun but it's do you think those like abortion clinics have like can the waiting rooms is like vending machines of whatever there's got to be. Yeah there's gotta be something. I guess cannot be laughs there. No I wouldn't think imagine not I dunno more laps. Fuck Michelle Williams though Jesus. It's just this endless. I mean just best friends with Amy Schumer so this is not what Amy Schumer. I don't know what happened to her because she was famous. I mean yeah. I know that but she used to open for Jim Norton. That's how she started. She would go on Opie and Anthony and tell dirty already fucking stories and she got fan then she got famous and became. All of a sudden she has to be this bastion for feminine. Not dissimilar to my good friend. How Stern Yeah happens? It happens to them all I. I don't get Rogan a little bit like a little bit lot. That movie I walk saying he is content movie longshot that I watched a little bit of just over the top fucking liberal. Sasha Baron Cohen was appointed this from Szeswith Mark Zuckerberg fucking tell jokes and they never see they never said the pat where it's it's like. Hey you've been beating us over the head with this trump's going again they must know that's not work. They've seen it happen in the famous people. I bet you ten or fifteen years ago. Sasha Baron Cohen was like I'm never gonNA turn be like this guy of course but it happens I'm the white they go to these dinners and I don't know what it is. They want to add. Happens with everyone where it's like. Oh no that's not happening wanting to me I actually believe this because of X Y and Z and when you surround yourself enough people I guess new doesn't let me hear it could be some laughs little Michelle and will tip towards our children now. I know my choices might look different than yours but thank God or whoever you pray to that. We live in a country founded on the principle that I am free to live by faith and you are free to live by yours so women eighteen to one hundred hundred and eighteen when it is time to vote. Please do so in your own self interest. It's what men have been doing for years. Focus arcus cheering for this gibberish Michelle. Hi I'm a woman I'm thirty four And I really think abortion is really when you're killing babies. Can I vote Mike. You want me to put my way as well or no. Just oh just your way okay. Sounds good. We'll just the other day. My girlfriend asked me. How am I supposed to vote this year? Mike and I said well we'll give you the list of worry about. Well you see you basically. Don't call me Mike Master. Sir I've been harvey. Why are you standing standing? You asked me that question. Are you look in the eye. Why within ten yards of me I've been Harvey Weinstein? It was pretty happy with that speech though how many abortions you think. He's paid over I. I'm GonNa Guess Michelle Williams has done Miramax movies and this. You know it's just it's just fucking endless fraudulent bullshit Jason. Hey you guys worked for the city. They're telling telling women who food fucker you. You're fucking actress Zero Patricia Arquette. She's a she's certifiable liable lunatic. But but I mean I don't even get it. It's just I mean it's a great. It's always a win for Donald Trump nights like this is just laugh when he watches this. What are the WHO were the WHO do you think? Do you think when they're done. They're satisfied the GOBI showings walks offstage boy a nail that one but then the the weird thing is like trump side will get like laugh at this shit but then there's I guess they got outraged over George Lopez Making Joe. Now who cares. Laugh at Eh Eh. You laugh at these people will go way over the top guys joking about it. Just fucking say Lopez for the trump or something. No Iran put a bounty on trump's head of eighty million dollars. George Lopez said. We'll do it for forty. It is that really. I mean what the right line it's fun it's like the Kathy Griffin thing all over again. There's this weird line where a lot of trump supporters wanted to call love left snowflakes fed by everything but there's a small part of them that will get really really offended if you come at trump sort of we do that they just want consistency. I yeah. They're doing some of them. I think want consistency but there are a lot of them who are genuinely. Speak to praise the president yeah it gives Kathy Griffin than really anybody. I really think that she was going to murder. Though trump I mean Jesus Christ so And one other Golden Globes note they give out this Carol Burnett Net ord and they gave to Ellen last night two nights whatever the foot woman in TV or purse. I don't even know what can pioneering. Whatever and Ellen is Allen with I mean you know who care is a right wing nut. She's always a pioneer. She danced on dancing with. That's very fun. She's made the billions of dollars and good for her. She never let me think she's ever said I find to be completely untalented. She's pulled the wool over middle-age. MOMS in America like you wouldn't I believe and good for her. Whatever it is a good Gig keep doing it? I'm GonNa Guess She's Pretty Liberal. I would think so. I'm going to say but then you know I will say this about her. I'm not a big Fan of hers. I remember a few years ago. I watched a clip shit clinics with on during American sniper in they had a discussion about gay marriage for like five or six minutes and I thought well that's interesting and these. What basically said Mama Libertarian? I don't really care what you do. And they kind of had a discussion about gay marriage and I thought well you know not a lot of people have the even then the people who disagree on stuff eastwood's Libertarian. She's a Democrat Lee. She had it And then the thing. We'll get to in a second where she had the audacity sit next to a Republican president football so this idiot Amanda Dobbins. We've talked heard about a few weeks. I we have the whole cadre. You could tell it I the fans got a little bit. Do you think so. Yes with their initial thing. They talk about this on the big picture. My my favorite. PODCASTS sounds like Allen Winning this award. Here's a shot fantasy and friend of the show. Amanda Dobbins Why why was Ellen at the Golden Globes because people who would not otherwise watch the Golden Globes like Ellen and they watch every day on TV and they watched the clips on answering. I gotTa tell you on the instagram. Graham explore tab like an interview with someone POPs up. I'll watch that. I'll watch that Steph. Every time I wash it into minute increments knots about the politics back obey. I'll watch that stuff every time I wash it into minute. Increments I also have a lot of thoughts about Ellen's Politics in the last ten years that I'll keep to myself so but I think that they gave the award because they're so she's law thoughts Ellen's politics last ten. Here's just keep to herself. which to me suggests she has some fear about speaking both these openly now? Maybe she wouldn't be four. I don't know what are the politics. Last Hang Oh you know that right-wing right wing Matt Allen. She's always going off because she's because she is. What because she because she was respectful towards someone she might not agree with you? Know She's also hosting a show talkshow. Hoegni I'm trying to think what you've done. tenured things I guess but she's also hosting a show that's trying to appeal to the most viewers possible like that's her. Her job and a lot of our viewers are middle America MOM's housewives Working moms whatever mostly women who you know a a lot of them voted for the president. Right I've always loved. She's culturally liberal but she's not political. She's not going to have she's moments. We shall speaks out on the show. Her issue I think gay-rights and stuff I think she's had her moments. She spoke up. I think I don't even really know. Total left wing. I mean he is. That fight ended. There's no oh big political issues that you associate with Allen and they she got in trouble he has some Gal Alex. She's big on climate. Change or anything like that. I think she's she's in the in the line of when you get to this point. JEETER Jordan Oprah while she did her show Ellen is now one of those people is like what benefit do for me as a business person right to really other than you know. The I'm I'm she's out. She's gay person speaking on that issue. What good does it do me the piss off forty six percent of my audience or thirty or thirty? Whatever it is yeah? What's what's the upside? 'cause he's also Michigan's push she's playing a middle America. She also has housewives on either coast. Course disagree with any night. Clint Eastwood whoever the guest would be. Yes so I mean she just keep the she probably makes thirty million bucks a year. You know I mean he's legendary stories. Were being an asshole but I mean so what she goes on the air and plays a character dances. This is literally dances around and gets off fucking people love her on the why because people are insane but they love her so Amanda Amanda can't help herself she cannot fucking helper. So let me ask you this. Where was Dakota Johnson? That's what I WANNA know question. That is so good for those of you. Who Don't know there's like me legendary moment on the Ellen Show in which she interviewed Dakota Johnson Dakota Johnson Johnson Mentioned that she was having a Christmas party. And Ellen said where's my invitation to send it to you and she said I never got it and then they had a bit of a showdown and I think into Coda came out on the other side of that one. The champion is she did because Allen had been invited I believe to be her birthday party. Ellen was out of town and Sean. Do you know where Ella was. The weekend of Dakota John's birthday party I was she in Amarillo. Texas with George W.. Yes she was area. But so that's you know wasn't with joy I mean I hate both of them but I really do hate her it. That's her big. Dig On Ellen. One one time I've always game also that like what. What do you want your this big liberal open minded big-hearted liberal but you don't want another liberal to try and have a relationship with the conservative and what if he was trying to burn the arena? The stadium busy great in Amarillo. I I don't like you you you don't see no the idea. The solution is just to hate. It's a liberal. That's her solution. Now as opposed to just saying this is bigger this woman this wretched woman. I mean really cheese Chrysler open-mindedness as we've talked about at length is no longer a liberal trait. They're not they're not open to it. They're closed off because to acknowledge someone they disagree with is to legitimate their views. I guess it is yes I guess but like she sat next to him. The football game in smiled with him that you went with George. AM and come on. I don't hear them ripping on Baraka Michelle Obama for being friends. George W Bush they have a great Alicia George Michelle look that. She's the candy from him. She's always dancing with other event and they're always very friendly or the Obamas evil but even you could say that The A lot of raise a quote racist people criticize the OBAMAS for hanging out with legs of Jay Z. Because he used to right like a drug dealer. Sure so it's like why it's like hell that's racist to bring that up but Ellen is at the same place as George Bush. Then she must agree with them politically. I don't understand the fucking logic and by the way. Maybe she gruesome on some stuff politically right. So what like I don't even so what she's like. I can't even talk came Daca uh-huh she was at the game with him. She didn't go the Dakota John's birthday party..

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