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And you know else is great about it. It comes in a God damn tube. No, putting your fucking fingers in it. You know what I mean? Jelly bean. Take me home to the. Is and child bra. Oh, take me. This sounds like a story. So Idaho has a problem, and it's not the John Denver. Never wrote a beautiful song for them. Or it's dumb shape, yet is stress. You can you can go I live on the glove here, Texas, you're like pan, whatever. Yeah. Idaho's just what is it? It's like a number one foam foam sports hand. But the best joke of any state Yudo, you Idaho, you to host so funny. Really good. So the problem in Idaho is there alarming number of child brides right now a report put out by the organization called unchained at last which I really let me tell you. It's a mad about this name about I have a righteous brothers support group for people who love the righteous brothers, but are under misunderstood by other people, and I had wanted that you are L unchained last, and then I found out it was an advocacy group for two stopping child bride, and I got so mad. We could still start to Toni Braxton. Oh, yeah. That Lah stuff thirteen when you go through site. That's the first one. Only websites, but do that. It was just like you'd go to the website. You just like constant noise. It was a bitter. It was never good. Like sent remember Melanie Griffith. Doug Jones said she was just like welcome. Startling by the way, if you wanna really creep somebody out, I don't know where you're at with his date with this person, you're dating, but if you really want creep them out or a new person or whatever sure early in the relationship have your laptop hooked up to all the bluetooth speakers in your house, and then have unchained melody like queued up on the computer and then press play when you're not expecting it. Like when you guys are just like make chicken or having a glass of wine or whatever lottery doing your indoor kill. Yeah. Just start playing that. It's it scared. Ali. He was like don't play this starts with. Uh-huh. It starts. Oh, by the way. Can I just tell you the history of unchained melody? Oh my God. Okay. So so apparently in nineteen fifty four this guy has learned his last firsthand. But his last name's north Mr. north. It wasn't righteous righteous north. He was he was like a song. Right. Yeah. He was like a musician. What does it call Juzic and lyric? So he was a musician. He didn't write the lyrics. He was. So it is from A B prison. Movie called unchained is a B movie theme song. And when he went to his friend named highs Arete to write the lyrics Hyun initially declined because he was too busy painting his house..

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