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The continuing our series on the media in transition now and we're off to france some of the country's biggest publications the doing what was once unthinkable teaming up with former competitors to fight off the threat posed by facebook and google so how does it work monaco's reese james has been speaking to a paris correspondent tom badghis will soon okay thank you joining this tom so france's biggest meteorite lisa making something of a stand against can gugel and facebook's digital advertising jewell play how are they doing well as as people know facebook and gugel all within the reach of billions of people and they've got a huge wealth of data and these two big john's the titans of digital advertising basically take around half of all the revenues worldwide now what's left off to those two is an extremely fragmented market in france is a good example of that because after facebook and gugel you've got dozens of much smaller players but no one even comes close to google facebook when it comes the digital advertising but that's until now and so what the what various a publishing outlets have decided to do is the joint forces of they have something that resembles of comparable size of of machine to compete against those two when it comes to the digital advertising proposition and telling clients that we have a reach not far off the reach of of the likes of and facebook and why they doing this but it is the only way that they can compete with them it says we here with highly visible we know the french market so advertise with us that's the message if you could tell us a little bit more about who's in these new light is to reach you'll have once they join forces.

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