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To the lakers we've all been hearing that lebron my go the lakers for two years we've only been here this this was not a shock it's interesting also though chronologically just to go and look at the different ways that lebron is handled free agency it's been lower and lower key every time we went from the decision to the whole sports illustrated thing we lee jenkins and now this time just kind of statement that comes out from his agent for aid is he started magic johnson came over to the crib and basically that was that they apparently they sat down for three hours and then they talked and it was lebron tall to magic it was like okay cool i'm gonna go ahead and go here there's a report that come out today about the sixers and the sixes said that lebron was strongly considering them why do you think lebron was strongly considering them because he told him that things like the only way that they would know that how do they have spies in the bronze crib antibody like seriously consider going to play yada i think he felt like it was probably a good idea to hear you out because your dad come home any serious consideration he made the call that he was going to go to los angeles now the mood of the lakers think was interesting for a couple of reasons one the broad signed a four year contract why because he respects magic johnson more than he respects dan gilbert that's why dan gilbert he learned his less you gotta keep the fire dan gilbert at all times and make sure he acts right magic you looking at magic like not a worry about a baby i'm gonna be here for a while you can make plans around the idea that i'm going to be here for a while the bras looking at dan gilbert lake i mean i'm here now you know like we good i'm posted i don't really you know i don't know why you need to hear no more for me so you know that's debt is what that had to be under that circumstance and this is the first time in a long time then lebron is making the long play which is almost counterintuitive because he made a quick play when he was twenty five going to get it together weight and bush now i mit if there's ever been anything that i think that i was right about in other people weren't at the time that happened it was my belief that going to play the weight and bosch was more of a long play than you know then people did like that i was good but it was really not a championship level of good they lost because they just weren't good enough the next years the next to me wanted to win the championship i knew what was going to take a year in order to build that he remembered that first team they acquire my baby to play point guard keeping in mind and carlos arroyo started the season at point golf team my baby got a standing ovation because they were so bad at point guard at that point like i knew that that was going to be a longer play lebron saw it as a quick play he made two quick play with miami he went to cleveland and no matter what he said in the letter that was a quick play on a young players they head didn't they painted a bunch of 'em got him out of there to get kevin love and boom they made the quick play this isn't a quick point with the lakers like none of us think that this lakers team is one that can win a championship as it is presently constructed none of us do i mean we'll see if maybe they get kuwa leonard koala leonard is a maybe he's absolutely maybe at this point so maybe they get em in that changes things they didn't get paul george it sounds like lebron had some idea that they were not going to get paul george maybe wasn't that excited about the idea of getting to do doesn't make shots at the games who knows right like maybe that's what it was i don't know but now he's there and they got this bizarre teamed imagine putting together because they load another team will one year contracts that they can go back to the well next year free agency when they expect to class.

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