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Her deep experiences. Have also added where many hats and observe security to arrange of different perspectives that last part was a little bit of much. Who you're watching the life ITO? Visual. On the bottle. I'm even more fan. Now when do welcome to beers with Talos, and I would like to give you the opportunity to to present an open roundtable topic today. Hey. How to fall I'm really don't. But I will say one thing I recommend. I just found the south today if you Google fans and you on can't Google and you pull up on the right hand side. There's like the Google entry for animals, and there's a gauntlet there. If you click on the gauntlet, just watch what happens is really cool. Oh, speaking of Easter eggs. Okay. Nice least rag. I'm so psyched for endgame. Tickets for Monday night. Yes. In and our in our Talos channel early this mall in just with people to go to do it pretty cool job. But the topic. I wanted to bring up was when when Mitch asked me to supply something was security surprises because I had the opportunity to go back to my roots in state government this week at a security conference here in in Texas and meet some of my old colleagues. And I was reminded of the things you find out when you're doing security in an organization like, you know, not just a production server running under somebody's desk, which everybody is found at one time or another. But there was the time that so we we'd been to Galveston backup tapes were really longtime for years, and my deputy who is a very very thorough person decided to go one day and read the instructions on. The Galster and he came back, and he said, you know, I've just discovered that this. The gals are actually doesn't work on tapes. Oh my God. What have we been doing all this time? Luckily, you had several blocks of C four. Yeah. Years later. You don't know where half your backup tapes Aren you soon that they were all fine. You know, you gals them anew threw them away. Who who you know, just read the instructions, that's all I can say on time to go dumpster diving for backup tapes far to you. Right. And then dumpster diving into read them. Yeah. Exactly. How many experts? Do. We still have out there. This would be really good to know. But another friend told me about the time when he found he discovered two acres worth of data centers that they didn't even know they had like run. In their how how does this happen? This is what happens when you outsource and nobody has read the contract in years. New outsource the running of this to some other company and yet Guinea go back and read the instructions or read the contract. They're like, okay. We have this company that's running something. Forced does anybody know where it is? Oh, it's at this address. Let's drive over there. I'll be damned. There are two acres worth of data center that we didn't know about. I wanna know how the accounting team lost track of data center. Yeah. And I knew that application was running weird. Now, we know. Four hundred data centers, several more tell you. That exactly that kind of thing happens because people go. Yeah, we need mocked Paseo. We have new thing that we need to be Ronin. Let's do that. And then nothing ever gets switched off. They just added more adding more than your ding or a nothing gets recycled nothing gets tuned off, a no. And everybody's scared to death to turn off because they don't always going to. I don't know what it does poor change management. So. No, it's not. I don't understand how you lose track of that much. But so you've you've come into Cisco. Now as part of duo security duo is focused very much on zero trust multi factor. These things that we know do for. So I wanted to kind of give you an opportunity here at the front to kind of go through some of your experience a little bit and give us the five. Ten minute elevator pitch on wise zero. Trust is important. How you know solution similar to.

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