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Told me. Why it. But when when they find out that he's with in this Jack, white movie ever like Oh. Jack Wyatt like he's a-list movie star who was an flop, but like women. Him Sort of like, was he? METOO? Did you have a Mel Gibson's? Left, him. His wife left him for a male model. which you think, people would have been for him I never totally get sympathy for them. Dragged extensively all. Yes. There was no way that he ends up hated that scenario especially when his big vanity project is. That artsy like people wouldn't care. They keep on talking about how the movie like. Maybe we shouldn't have shot it in black and white using no one saw it. Which is brain? Yeah, then he makes another movie. No one saw it. It wasn't. It wasn't like he did black face. You know what I mean like. He's not coming back. Back from a scandal, but like tropic thunder where you're like okay, this movie is trying to pretend like. Ben Stiller is a stallone type character. WHO's had too many flops in a row obviously Ben. Stiller out realistically play like someone who could be that sort of serious straightforward action star, but I understand this movie takes place on the planet, and at least told her what kind of star he is this a fake trailer, so we know. Take. To Be Schwarzenegger some Hey. I'm telling cruise I thought any any. Combination. But the point is we get? We get the analogs of what he's supposed to be in this I'm like. Are we supposed to accept that? When he walks down the street, people view him as a confessional Xy, leading man or not. This is a problem I also have with Birdman where Birdman they act like Michael Keaton's character. Is this Dom Lung Cancer Jock who straining for serious credibility and I'm like Michael Keaton fucking weird about him I keep. Yes has always been unconventional right? That was the hope. People rioted when he was back like you're never gonNA convince me that he was like some empty, like like muscle bound star. Yeah, that that he needs to try to be taken seriously as an actor right and then the wool feral thing here is the opposite, which is just like the movies like. Are People going to buy in a Sitcom Young? ARE THEY GONNA? Buy this. Hated sort of. Hacky act hack in a cash grab Sitcom, which is like yeah, of course, that's what this character was. Will Ferrell of course would be. One Who? Could he be? This is now I'm ready. Twenty Eighteen Ben Affleck is they're trying. They're going for their. I have just he's just a douchebag. Even though there's not like one thing, it's just that we all know he's a douchebag. Give you what my take is. Knowing nor I kind of feel like this is who she was using. Burt Reynolds. Okay? Burt Reynolds was on a Sitcom. That's why because hey, spur reynolds awake. Spit in his coffee. There was no woman in the in the regular world was mad at Burt Reynolds. Eighty missiles. He became too big. He became too arrogant, another messy divorce, and then it was viewed as a real taking your lumps that he was suddenly on a CBS calm. It is crazy that he didn't. He did evening shade. Right is crazy so I guess it doesn't make. The public would not lash out at the guy or Reynolds became a joke, and he was broke and he didn't have a movie career anymore and him being on a Sitcom was weird and he. Had A big ego, but the public didn't treat him this way, and that's the only sort of analog for this where you're like okay, a guy who wasn't like super self serious as a movie star, but was you know it's? It's a Matthew Perry. That's the thing that's what I sort of get. Big Movies. It's like he was a big TV star. I got the vibe at. This is like Matthew Perry. Doing the odd couple rebe. Sure that's my mental log for this. People are sick of him I. Guess is probably what it's supposed to be there. Just sick of him. Like right. Maybe he didn't do anything specifically evil. They're just like I've had enough of you. This is a terrible introduction to romantically. Also. What's also very weird is that he is never once charming. No, they only on early on. They tell us they explicitly say. She only took this role because she had a crush on him. And you're like okay. Even if this was the first man you've, you've ever seen in the human realm incredibly off putting. Terming Shis. Don't have a meet cute like for someone who so good at romantic comedies. There is nothing in their interaction where she'd be like I have a crush on you, I just I have to say something I need out of my head before so the first the first scene of the movie that he's in apart from like when he's at the Pitch Meeting and he's Nice for hold the open is. This feels like a bewitched movie called openness. Nicole Kidman lands in some Californian suburb. She sees a Nice House and then if I can just take one minute to dissect the logic already tearing apart tearing itself apart at the seams. She sees how she likes She wiggles her nose. She magically makes a peer a realty sign saying that it's four sale griffin. Griffin you're you're pointing out the she manipulates the laws that magic, so that she can make a successful real estate transaction rather than just wiggling her nose, and be like I own this out, or or I'll make a house. What she wants to do is go through wiggle. Here's the house. It's four sale. Oh, no additional wiggle tours today! Did you know? She seems so wiggle into existence a real estate agent who then tells her that she needs referrals, and then she wiggles no referrals necessary encloses the I. Wonder what happened to the family who lived in that home, they. Shins. It was a pre existing a house that was a her. saw them all explode into Goo, but The side effect. This is the movie a microcosm. Why is this movie making everything so much more complicated than it needed?.

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