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What happens this when they go into the playoffs. He gets two targets one per game. This is an underused player. This is player. You throw the ball to when its third and six not her around. Handed cam akers. This is what's his players suffered from been involved in an offense to Should feature the in more doesn't feature the taibbi. He's an excellent guy. Just like the two guys that just landed in new orleans or in new england Hunter henry and smith Both those players are moved tight ends lineup in the slot. This player guest with russell wilson. Seattle it's going to be beautiful option. for for russell wilson everett's number should explodes catch a lot of a lot of passes. You know we're coming off team. We're tyler lockett. Got one hundred balls last year. There's so much need for this player. in offenses around the league. He's got the perfect place. And guess what you just play the rams twice six year how sweet will it for. Yeah it definitely will be especially for Anybody who's managing him in fantasy to Gerald everett now going to seattle certainly well within the conversation of solid backup tight end in the f. Fcc keeping the tight end conversation. Our good friend. Hudson current in the chat room just pointing out that donald parham is cooked in los angeles As jared cook signs the deal with the los angeles chargers he is indeed the hunter henry replacement going to be catching passes from justin herber He goes from new orleans to los angeles fair. What does that to to hispanics value. And i'll tell you right now again. This is over the last five days when he was a free agent but he was going as tight ends thirty two in the twenty first round so kicks him up through the roof. You've got to be impressed with it. Also lets them take another player. I expect him to draft the tight end as well. There's great tight injury depth coming up good talents. They've you can get third fourth fifth round The complete five in story With chargers as togan parham level place east too big and too much of a target. Not too but Cooks could have the kind of year that people always envisioned him to have. This good land is book for one other thing. I wanna get to here by the way we we have josh bath. Ner beat Repeat winner of the five hundred thirty seven dynasty league in the f. Fcc in the back back winner to seven fifty number two coming up in just one minute. I do want to talk. About the broncos backfield here briefly farrell because denver mike boon from the viking. Say two years two point six million dollar contract he gets at one point six million dollars signing bonus and then right after that they rescinded their tender on phillip lindsay which made him a free agent. Now i'm not all that surprised that they went a different direction. Other than lindsey. It didn't seem like they used them a whole lot last year in the backfield and it didn't really seem like he had a place on the team now rightly or wrongly. That was his future in denver. So now he's gonna go somewhere else..

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