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No as your applause would be sure. Yeah i was gonna say if you mom likes flowers. What's your favorite flowers and flower. Some far only like some flowers flowers. My mom likes any flower. that's purple so like a violet flower or something like that. I can see why the purple. I don't know i just remember aims for life. Maybe even moms say to my mom's basement. i hope you guys enjoyed. His episode mandate starting off the week. Monday's send mama texts or better yet. You know attacks. Call your mom at a letter car. Your mom mom say oh. That's a good idea. Call your mom and schedule a date with your mom. We've only wooder. And if you live with her fucking scheduled anyways schedule a day when you are along with your mom this week. That's a good idea. Do that start monday like that. Be grateful have a great monday And last one thing we haven't been doing. How can we stay in contact. Ricky kelly chavez on horrible on the i jeez. I'm going to be starting youtube channel soon. Oh week ye yep instagram short. Kelly twenty-seven count safety with me. I g all the only one. I use facebook to a tiktoker. Now talk man. Would you fifteen. Hey man fuck with the that's a whole nother us money on his own are y'all have a great week. Oh wait wait before. We say tune in next monday. We're going to be talking about next monday. We will be talking about graduation. So check you out next monday a week from today on the thirty first last day of may which actually the day after my mom's birthday sick i we out fairly well..

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