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Spain mv saga mac to spain and fits on espn radio the s p anap and siriusxm channel eighty sarah spain with you as always and doug gazarian in for jason tonight we head over to the shell pennzoil performance line to talk to former nfl quarterback sage rosenfels who spent eight years in the league you can follow me on twitter at sage rosenfels 18 where he's been stirring things up today writing stuff like i'm fine with what josh mcdaniel's did the colts organizations been a mess since payton left patriots as solid as it gets he changed his mind oh well changed the nfl rules then this was bound to happen at some point so i know you said you knew you were going to get a little heat for that sage so why is it that you're okay with this kind of decision making at the at the eleventh hour well you know i think our josh mcdaniel who's gonna look the gooda our our model of people he probably of black all of them so uh muramba lee but people are sure crime i am uh about the assistant coaches you know how they've been based on contract there now there uh what's going to happen to them and you know i look it up about players perspective you know i was traded three times during my career uh one time i was trying to get trays and dealers two times uh well i i wasn't trying to get treated and i was also released and so you know from from my perspective i mean uh you'll players get caught trade and released all the time and then but you know they've moved their family into a city uh they've put their kids in school and then on september you know second or third they get cutting last touch and nobody really cares yeah i look as you know these coaches who gloves they signed onto to coach with josh and didn't know many annapolis you know they they they didn't find really to coach with him they they signed with the organization at the end of the day uh you know your time with the organization and he'll a college kid signs with university if the head coach leave see stuck with university lease thought the way that's the way the routes used to be uh you know.

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