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Told me when he told me. Oh yeah be prepared without was that it was so jealous winston out done. He is endearing for that reason. Like your goofball goofy. You're so goofy The saints pass rusher. Damarcus davenport suffered a peck injury in the game and he apparently had a sack but they're doing in emirates. They're waiting results for him. That was earlier today. They might have already gotten them back and then they also this was. Oh almost a week ago. So it's a little. They traded the texans for cornerback. Bradley roby and remember. We've been talking about this all season. How they've been trying to look for our corner. So the traded bradley roby with the texans and but he suspended week one. So he'll be in there probably next week. I would guess against carolina well so next week. It's carolina in new orleans. Where's it at new orleans or carolina probably carolina. I wanna say it's carolina. Because i don't even know of the superdome open yet right. They played jacksonville sunday which the crowd was pretty loud. I was surprised. I was like man. Arthur more new orleans fans here than there are jacksonville. Fans right aksu. Somebody pointed out that air unders is not playing well in the heat too so it could have been. That could have been a factor. Well yeah clinics gives found. Lengthened doesn't explain greenpeace defense. Horrible horrible shelling horrible. All the way round. It's sad when you let james wiza- get five touchdowns on you after only throwing one hundred forty eight yards it. Had he do that. What's that that's a touchdown. Every twenty yards right. yeah like what. Yeah i just how do that any do you guys think there's bad bad times. Bruin green bay. Yeah well they just have no idea what their in store for. No you know. And it's like the patriots the patriots today at twenty years of winning. There's a lot of patriots fans that don't know what it's like to not be a winning team and green bay's had that since the nineties you know it's been forty years beta while thirty years since green bay's bit of losing deed you know. They've had a high caliber quarterback for thirty years. Basically twenty five but still point being. There's a lot of green bay fans right now that they've never known losing. Yeah it was a couple of years with brett farr where he lost now. Think towards the tail end. There was you know. But for the most part in they've always been top of the division. They've always been fighting for plows spots and all that they've been competitive Yes and i think they might be in for some reality..

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