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For Congress after their summer recess to though many Democrats are skittish about it the house Judiciary Committee this week is expected to vote to set up rules for impeachment hearings into president trump the best **** cordis's on Capitol Hill and says this is a technical staff it would for instance allow. staff lawyers on the Judiciary Committee to grill anyone who goes before the committee any witness for an hour after the lawmakers have had their chance to do their questioning it would also enable the White House to have a a formal procedure for responding to any witnesses to testify or any information that is gathered by the committees the panel would still have to introduce impeachment charges against the president speaker Nancy Pelosi has been preaching caution saying the public still isn't on board with that at the White House president trump conferring the medal of valor on five Dayton Ohio officers and certifications of parole accommodation to five civilians in el Paso Texas for their actions during last month's deadly shootings. that's about the actions here of one of the store workers in el Paso Walmart employee Gilbert srna. heard Roberts alert over the radio and immediately without hesitation guided dozens of shoppers to refuge through a rear exit. boosting some people over a twelve foot wall and hiding others in shipping containers so smart to think of them more than thirty people died in those two attacks the house intelligence committee demands that former national security adviser Michael Flynn answer members questions later this month the committee wants Flynn to testify before the panel on September twenty fifth in a letter sent to Flynn by chairman Adam ship the committee said Flynn and failed to comply with a subpoena serve back on June twelfth or cooperate with its efforts to secure his compliance Flynn resigned as president trump's national security adviser in twenty seventeen he pleaded guilty that you're lying to the FBI about conversations with Sergei Kinsley act who is Russia's ambassador to the US about US sanctions imposed on Moscow by president Obama Rakoff CBS news Capitol Hill customs and border protection says agents are a significant drop in a rest last month the acting commissioner mark Morgan says the number fell twenty two percent in August that Mexico has played a big role because apprehended approximately a hundred and thirty four thousand people so far this calendar year last year two thousand eighteen county or the entire year two thousand eighteen eighty three thousand Morgan also credit central American countries for stemming the surge of illegal migrants and for breaking up smuggling operations on another matter Morgan says agents are stepping up their efforts in South Florida to admit those from the Bahamas to been fleeing the devastation of hurricane Dorian Morgan says the US is processing people as fast as they can but without compromising security we will accept anyone on humanitarian reasons that needs to come here we're going to process them expedited Lee again though if they are deemed to be inadmissible for example they have a long criminal history and they've been denied entry the United States previously were not allowed to the United Nations estimates Dorian has left more than seventy thousand people in need of food and water coming up on WBZ more on Dorian and the clean up left behind in North. Carolina five thirty eight we get a check on the business world now Tracy junkie is at Bloomberg the FDA has warned to jewel labs about claims that Izzie cigarettes are safe alternatives to smoking the warning letter says Julie even spread that message to kids in a school Massachusetts is one of forty eight states in two U. S. territories now investigating Google's dominance of online search and advertising the justice department is also looking at Google technology stocks are part of why most to early gains went away the Dow was up thirty eight points but the nasdaq fell sixteen points in the US appease down a quarter point I'm Tracy jockey Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio. this is tomorrow's technology today brought to you by Toyota if you go on you to be might be able to see a robot doing a back flip or helping to build a car but how useful is a robot in your home we see it maybe a robotic vacuum cleaner you're very adventurous you have a robotic lawn mower but why don't we have any robots doing more useful things in the home am I T. professor rust Ted Drake is working at the Toyota research institute in Cambridge to develop a robotic arm that can loaded dishwasher the goal is to create robots that can help an aging population with tasks in the home and they're making good progress there's been a huge push in capabilities thanks to machine learning.

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