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<music> Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning. How you feeling good man I was GonNa say we still got a key and Travis out on their vacations you and me again l.? Z. Of course Chris went join them. Apparently Chris went and joined them but we brought back roaring trade. I'm so glad that you out. He forgot how to work by rusty this side of the button there you go rusty like Kenta Maeda yesterday. It was all Arado it was going to happen and it did it was going to happen is this is I I mean to me. I didn't really care because when you see the scenario right play the game jumping to play go to different time zone high altitude is just it was set up to happen. Exactly what happened we had the most is lopsided loss of the season and you look at the schedule you go yeah yeah and lopsided it was nine one loss to the rockies Ken to my Ada. Just just four innings seven hits given up six runs five of them were earned and there were more defensive issues <hes> for the dodgers <hes> doc Peterson having some struggles Max muncie having some issues and eventually it led to Jock Petersen in the eighth inning not running out a grounder and Dave Roberts pulling him. Oh yuck out pull jock uphold because he did not think the effort was there. Dave Roberts an Jack Petersen actually after the game agreed with Dave Roberts. I think that <hes> yeah it is unprofessional and let the emotions get the best me and I need to <hes>..

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