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National news where Nancy alliance is standing by hey there Nas Thanks Tim The jury weighing fraud charges against former theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is unable to reach a unanimous verdict on three of the 11 criminal counts that she faces Jurors inform the judge today and a special note Bloomberg legal reporter malathi niac has been following the three month trial and speculates on what's next It could be that the judge will move forward and call for a mistrial on the three counts where the jury is currently struggling It's also possible that they go back and do figure out some way to reach a consensus on So we'll have to see how things pan out Melody and IX says jurors have been considering the case for 7 days Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer is issuing an ultimatum over voting rights Bloomberg's Nathan Hager has more from Washington In a letter to fellow Democrats Schumer says the Senate will vote to change its rules by January 17th the Martin Luther King holiday if Republicans continue to block voting rights legislation Schumer says last year's January 6th attack at the capitol underscores the risks to democracy if states put more restraints on the ballot box A change to the filibuster rule would require buy in from all 50 Senate Democrats moderates Joe Manchin and kyrsten sinema have voiced reluctance if not opposition to changing the filibuster In Washington I'm Nathan Hager Bloomberg radio NASA's new space telescope is doing well more than a week after liftoff following a pair of problems that were overcome by ground controllers officials said today the huge sun shield on the James Webb space telescope.

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