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Edward Edward looks like the, type of guy that's capable of really whipping this one in far into the box starting, the attack but we'll see what he chooses to put it he makes it work it's an in the. Box stopped by little city, passes broke it. Up by Davis who still hauling it, all the way out, to the midfield as. Ottawa's trying to return back to, their own third grade pressure. Thereby Illitch and Davis off of that, throw enforcing Ottawa to retreat and regain their shape maybe. Relieving some of the pressure on that Lucy city defense Crepeau the goalkeeper hasn't fraud This one Punished down the right, side big bounce collected for city down. The side now it's back into the middle will header tennis going on couple, bodies collide but no foul call. Lexi soi he there on the backside since the ball into the middle up ahead to Owen be too long and out. Of play And it'll be another throw in on the right for Edward Just a couple more minutes here. Into halftime Louisville city trying to keep the pressure, on Ottawa not let them concede a late first-half gold equalize That's speedy gets the ball after the, throwing now Edward has a back in the center There's one other long. Ball down the side pocket gets pushed. Out a play Ottawa's really working that right wing they just haven't made, the connection yet they've been trying to go Santos and Tony, Taylor to their top scores but both players have failed to get on, the board today and. We're nearing the end of the first half about, to hit forty three minutes of. Play, the score one to nothing who'll city We're at the studios live here NewsRadio, eight forty w. h.. A. s. John Horley under I'm claves City trying to. Pick up back to back wins for the first time in quite some time in US l. play obviously we've done really well on the open Cup just fell, though last week to the Chicago fire Taylor goes up, side and decides to make. A deep pull but that one well over the back of the net just a one, of those I think it's not a. Heat check because he really hasn't been able to. Score yet but here's the stove is on progress. So that's a good way to put it is he was a good thirty five. Yards out there? I think he was, just frustrated from not having anything work throughout this opening half so why not just take an opportunity the fire one away and you mentioned Lula city going for, back, to, back wins would. Be the first time since late may when they knocked off Saint Louis f c and FC Cincinnati Excuse me Atlanta United and FC Cincinnati in, backtrack USO games that was the long that five game win streak that included couple of US open Cup games. As, one before Charlotte on Saturday we hadn't beaten a team since FC Cincinnati we've had plenty of draws and a few losses in there but nothing inside the, US l. plays so, grabbing to back to back ws, would be very big for. City they have the one nothing lead here's were nearing the end of the first half, forty four minutes of play right now. Auto gets the steal and working through the middle. Taylor tries to make the pass incomplete and a. Good turnover stoppage thereby little city Brian Ownby trying to run this one down the. Midfield but the challenge won't work and, I think we're gonna. See Ottawa here pullback and make one last attack as they switch up feel to the right side just thirty seconds left before stoppage time, here, in, the first half Takura had it. On the right side now he switches it up to the left We'll city Branson defensive frat, pressure and they pulled the pulled the offense what's going, back to the right side but good move on the. Middle here by DOE Santos working at through Abbassi now, with the ball Into the box header. Up Taylor on the follow can't get. It to go Ranjit Singh one handed. Knocks it out of bounce he was trying to snag that ball before. It went out of play I think this'll be a corner kick coming up for the right side for Ottawa is we. Just hit forty five minutes two minutes of added time brought to you by Ellen Federal Credit Union at, ball bouncing, around the box Tony. Taylor trying, to get on it's Stephen no Santos trying to get a foot on it and good job by the Lucy defense it like it ended up being followed a Piccolo who headed out of bounds and just tried, to keep it. In play but he couldn't here's a corner kick sent in. That, one not gonna work good stop bio and be, he's there on the play and now. Only be to. Take away he's going up the other side of the field problem is he can't maintain possession. No foul lucky to stop the play for a little city is only like a freight train came through an October defender for Ottawa balls being thin bald around this one still in the midfield and little city trying to. Go the other way Defenders all around the play but. City gets it up ahead Baulch split. Up to Owen be can't make the. Connection it'll go out of bounds it should be nice throw in on. The left side here for Louisville yeah just one minute left here in stoppage time Ownby Iligan Rasmussen all attacking on the, left side just need to find a little bit more spacing before they could really get an attack going, great job, by Illitch and rescues. And to, decide who's going to get that ball they split two defenders while both of them were dribbling the ball at the same time it looked like I said somebody got freight train by own was Eddie Edward heave, on the replay. Got very upset no call for city that's quite an auto. Excuse, me because it's it's Brian Ownby against Edward who, looks like a freight train and so. Very strong fiscal. Play by owned be there to knock down the big right little city puts the ball in. Play it's quickly they try shop but it's grabbed by Crepeau now gonna go kick this went out the other side romo's through the extra two minutes just reminder extra time is presented by Ellen in Federal Credit Union Ottawa on the left and that should do the half as they. Blow, the whistle we'll city makes it through one. Period with the lead one to nothing over top of Ottawa the score by Paulo they'll Piccolo off the assist the corner from Oscar Jimenez for John Orlando clay through one half of play little city with the one to nothing. League will be right. Back with halftime coverage here on, NewsRadio eight forty w. h. s, Sullivan university.

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