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You've been at the bottom of your division. You have taken what was once the one of the best minor league systems in baseball. And now it is. It is like old Mother Hubbard's cupboard like there's just nothing in it. The Woody Paige laid out all of these things all these things that we've been saying and ask Dick Monfort the question. Have you thought about firing Jeff Bright it And have you thought about firing yourself? For a sub standard job of operating the Colorado Rockies and the first thing Dick Mom for did Was Take umbrage. Seo. Even the premise That the Rockies haven't been well run over the past couple of years. So the answer to all those air? No. Um, you know, I I like Tonto. I look at the same publications about all the minor league. Teams and you know, I Trevor story was never in the top. 100. Charlie Blackmon was never in the top. 100. You know, One of our issues in Colorado, be quite honest is we really don't you know? For whatever reason. Maybe it's because They're not going to rank pictures or or because they know they're gonna have to picture. I don't know. I don't think so. I I've been taught over time. Do not pay attention to that. I see our farm system. I see the what we go through to draft players. I see our development people. I go to all our minor league teams. I see the work and effort that we put into all of this. Um, So I guess if I can, I'll disagree with some of those comments, but no. I have not thought about firing Jeff. I have thought about firing myself. But I have not thought of about fire and Jeff. Then do it.

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