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Record number of good rookies as well. But, you know, we talked about the difficulty of The Rookie of the year races with strider versus Harris and Richmond versus Julio. And it's not just those guys. It's a couple other guys in that mix as well. So historic prep of productive rookies. So enjoy it. Yeah, here I am being like, it's less exciting, but I don't know. If you're looking at it on the individual player level, what a time to get to be a baseball fan. It's a pretty, it's a pretty great time. So, you know, I think that we should, we should be excited about our time. We should just hope that the competitive picture can keep pace with the individual excitement that these players can bring because if it can, then watch out. You'll never want to do anything else just watch baseball. We've met so many major leaguers this year. It's a record number of debuts. I think it's 286 as we speak Thursday, have made their major league debuts this year, and that's up from the record of 268 last year, and we still have a couple of weeks to go in this season. And the records prior to less season was 2017 to 62. So two 86 and heading closer to 300 by the time it's all said and done. Gosh, that's a lot of new baseball players that sort of why we started the meeting major leaguer second. We probably have some good major leaguers we should meet and catch up on. Backlog. I wonder if this will be the high water mark for that because it's been really high for quite a while now and part of the reason why it's so high this year is because of the expanded rasters probably at the start of the season with the health and safety protocols at that point still. So I wonder whether this will be the most we ever see because assuming we don't have any more pandemics coming along hopefully fresh pandemics that will cause expanded rasters between that and between some of the other measures they've taken with limiting the number of pitchers ever so slightly on the active roster and then some of the other things with optioning players and how long you have to remain in the miners and that sort of thing and only expanding from 26 to 28 in September, et cetera. I wonder whether this will recede at all or at least plateaued. It's got a plateau. I wonder whether this will remain the record for some time. I kind of hope so, not that I want to borrow anyone from being a big leaguer, but it's just hard to know who everyone is. It's hard to keep track. Yeah, it can be a little disorienting. You're like, you turn on the TV and I'm like, I feel like I'm obligated to know who all of you are, like for my job. I should know, I should be able to look at all of you and be like, and I know these three things about you, and, you know, my hit rate isn't bad or anything, but I do feel like this year, I'm like, who are you again? No, it's like when you go to your high school reunion, you know, I'm like, we went to school together for four years. Who are you? Right. I just got an email from Major League Baseball about judge and the Red Sox Yankees game. So it says that there will be live coverage. Let's see what it says. National broadcast partners Fox Apple TV plus MLB network and ESPN all feature live game coverage from Yankee Stadium. All eyes will be on The Bronx, et cetera, et cetera, all four games will be available nationally across MLB's national broadcast partners, but it looks like it is still Apple TV plus on Friday. It does not look like that has changed. It's Thursday on Fox and then it's Friday on Apple TV plus and then it's Saturday on MLB network and then it's Sunday on ESPN. So four different places to watch or a judge over the next four games. Yeah, I mean, it's appointment viewing. And I think the cool thing is he's not likely as we've said, you know, to set the actual single season record, he's not gonna sniff that probably, but it's not impossible, so it'll still be exciting to watch even after he surpasses Maris because it could happen. You know, if he keeps a good pace, it could. It's not likely, but it could. So it's you know, it's exciting. 62 is a record, everything after 62 is also a recording. Right. Exactly. All right, I will close, I guess, with this stat I forgot to read from foolish baseball Bailey about Joey manassas. Players with 57 or more hits and ten or more homers in their first 43 career games since integration, the famous 57 ten club in their first 43. Really, the 57 ten 43 club that we talk about all the time. It's Orlando cepeda, Willie mccovey, Albert Pujols, Ryan brunn, Bo Bichette, and Joey menesis. Good company for those guys to be with Joey menesis in that club. I've got to read the past blast. Past black. This comes from Jacob I'm rinky. Editorial director of content for saber and black Sox expert and tweeter from at buck weaver, his personal account and also from at saber, the saber account. So this is episode 1906, past blast comes from 1906, and he's given me a little headlines for these. So this one is play me or pitch me or pay me. And he writes, like Shohei Ohtani, Johnny lush, of the Philadelphia Phillies, knew how it felt to be a two way player on a bad baseball team. On May 1st, 1906, the 20 year old left hander through the first of his two career no hitters, striking out 11 against the Brooklyn superbas. He also spent time playing first base and outfield in between his 35 starts, batting two 64 in 227 plate appearances. By the end of the year, lush was pretty tired and fed up with the Phillies as the Kentucky post reported on October 6th. The quote is another Philadelphia player who would like to get away from the team is Johnny lush, pitcher and general utility man. He is sore at the Philadelphia management because he hasn't been giving a cent extra for overtime work. He's done in the infield and outfield during the past two months. He was signed as a pitcher and all this time has been taking his regular turn in the box. He got no rest on the days between, but has covered some other position, generally first base center field, or right field. He feels that he ought to get something more than his pitcher's salary for all his work, but the management rules otherwise and Johnny wants to get away. Jacob says the Phillies finished in fourth place 45 and a half games behind the Chicago Cubs, who won a record one 16. Lush did get his wish to escape Philadelphia the next year, traded to St. Louis for pitcher buster Brown. He played out the rest of his 7 year career with the Cardinals, although he was never quite as good as he was in 1906. More than a century later, Johnny lush remains the last player in ale or NL history with 200 innings pitched 200 innings at other defensive positions and 200 at bats in a single season. The 202 102 hundred club. Hall of Famer bullet Rogan also performed the feat in the Negro national league twice. So Johnny lush, a somewhat significant two way player from 1906 and he argued that he deserved a race for being a two way player. He was hired as a pitcher and they were using him as something other than a pitcher as well. He's like, hey, pay me more money. Yeah. Which I guess is reasonable. You're doing more work. It's like I was a writer and now I'm an editor, so give me a raise. And the ringer did. Otherwise, I would probably be complaining like Johnny wesch. So I guess that Shohei Ohtani, maybe he should have just said I'll be a one way player. And then when he showed up, he's actually I'll do both, but you got to make it, you got to make it worth my while. I don't think that would have worked, but it will work when he is a free agent. Oh yeah. Somebody's going to back up a brinks truck. Yep. All right. Well, now I guess you can go blow in your nose and sneeze to your heart's content I can't wait. I'm gonna do some screaming sneezes. All right, that will do it for today. Seems like the Red Sox may have listened to our episode about not throwing her in judge so many strikes because they walked him in his first three plate appearances on Thursday.

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