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Wall Street Good morning I'm Nathan Hager And I'm Karen Moscow and we're just about four hours away from the open of U.S. trading Let's get you up to date in the news You need to know what this hour Ukraine is looking for a ceasefire agreement in Tasha the Russian negotiators They're meeting right now in turkey where president Erdoğan says he expects quote good news from the peace talks In the meantime Karen President Biden is clarifying his remarks on Vladimir Putin He says the U.S. is not seeking regime change in Russia but that he still has the right to express concern I was expressing my outrage as the behavior of this man It's outrageous It's outrageous And it's more an aspiration and he shouldn't be in power There's no I mean people like this shouldn't be rolling countries but they do The fact they do but doesn't mean I can't express my outrage President Biden is rejecting criticism that his comments escalated the situation with Russia Meantime Nathan the president's budget is also in focus He's renewing efforts to squeeze more tax revenue from big companies and wealthy households His new budget calls for a $2.5 trillion in tax hikes Turning to markets Now we have several companies making headlines this morning Let's get the details live with Bloomberg's John Tucker What you watching John Let's start with the change at the top at FedEx the package delivery company has named Ron subramanian as its new CEO He takes over from founder Fred Smith who pioneered express delivery almost 50 years ago up next let's talk Amazon It's become the first mega cap tech stock to erase losses for the year Shares are now up 1.4% since January 1st And finally Apple shares they're heading for their longest winning streak since 2003 After a dismal start to 2022 Apple has seen its earnings estimates being upgraded by analysts live in New York I'm John Tucker Bloomberg daybreak Sorry John thank you Let's turn to Hong Kong now where the outlook for bankers is looking up this city has seen an exodus of finance staff but those that state are getting rewarded Bloomberg should need a young joins us live with the details Good morning ready to good morning Karen for tech savvy workers willing to live in the somewhat isolated city opportunities like big promotions and pay increases are plentiful at least for the short term Typically finance workers heading to a different company in Hong Kong would get about a 15% pay hike but executive search firm ESG says they're seeing 20 to 30% increases Meantime data show the number of new visas issued to foreign financial service workers in Hong Kong is down almost 50% from 2018 Live in New York I'm renita young Bloomberg daybreak Renee thank you Your local headlines to check a sport straight ahead This is Bloomberg.

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