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You. Have to wonder if in today's lyrically correct over sensitive. And ringing society if they could even write the song these days because ladies night is discriminatory. Give me a break eight Oh, nine now thirteen ten K of k a thirteen, ten Kfi a dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collisions specialists, studios. Now I, know some of you who are opponents to glade reservoir might take issue with my. Just, stack response to this story, but yesterday for the Larimer County Commissioners. Thing approving that permanent for glade reservoir and its associated pipelines working for peace by Kevin. Dugan out of Fort Collins Colorado and long running plans to build nist Sp. this is that northern integrated supply project cleared another hurdle Jess. Yesterday, it was a two to one votes pretty predictable along party lines. Larimer County Commissioners approved a permit application from northern water to build elements. Of this water storage project Yes Kevin Duggan writes pretty controversial including glade reservoir which would sit off the poodle river just northwest of fort. Collins and four pipelines to carry its water Republican Commissioners Steve. Johnson. Tom Danley supported northerns plan commissioner John Coppola's a Democrat was opposed. Now the commissioners approved this ten, forty, one permanent and we had the opportunity to talk with Jeff stay who is. for northern water just a few days ago about this and the import, the significance of this ten, forty one permits. But that permit is actually named for the State Law that gives local governments authority over some, not all some in infrastructure projects with about eighty conditions intended to reduce its impacts on county residents Donnelly Johnson said northern waters proposal meets criteria spelled out in the counties land use. Code Kepala conversely said, it did not meet all the criteria including not adversely affecting the environment, Johnson saying something. We've all been saying for quite some time growth will continue in northern Colorado that isn't the issue in question and more water storage is needed to meet future demand. Current larimer county residents benefit from decisions made decades ago to bring water from the western slope to the front. Range. He went on to say. I do believe that future folks the come after us in Larimer, county will view this in very much. The same way we view horse tooth, reservoir in appreciation for the folks who had the foresight to deal with the tough issues and provide for future water needs for us. He said, and I think this project will provide for future water needs for our kids and their kids who want to live northern Colorado Cabela's listed several concerns about this proposal, how it would impact county among the concerns was how climate change is protected projected to impact the state in the. Years to come in terms of snow pack and Water Rights. He said based on the modeling that's been done in the Upper Colorado River Basin. I think there are serious implications to Putin river flow and how that affects the proposed glade reservoir, and that seemed to be one of the major flashpoints throughout the twenty plus years we've been talking about this project. Donnelly said the project would benefit the county and several ways including preserving agricultural land, providing recreation and mitigating environmental impacts. Northern water has committed to spending fifty three million dollars on mitigation and enhancement projects related to this. The fate of NECE. which began a federal environmental review back in two thousand four well unfortunately, it's far from settled. It still must acquire new mattress federal state and local permits and survive expected legal challenges. Now within minutes of the Commissioners Vote Longtime N-. ISP opponent Gary Wachner Gary Walkner director of Save the putter issued a statement saying that the group will sued the county, which is pretty expected over the decision in District Court. wachner stated. The powder river will be irrevocably irrevocably damaged. If nist is belt, I take issue with that statement with all due deference respect Mr. Wachner. In addition, the commissioners were given clear evidence that the application violates the land use code including several of the twelve criteria and as such this application absolutely should have been denied. Now, the decision came after the commissioners held a series of hearings and informational meetings on the proposal sessions set aside for public comment took up about eleven, hours of in person and remote testimony with the majority of the speakers opposing. Capellas said he received about twelve hundred emails about the project issues raised by opponents included the impact on the rivers ecosystems by drawing more. It's all ready more on. It's already heavily diverted flows critics including some local scientists said, this would cause once again, irreparable harm to the river and northern state approved mitigation plan was in their view inadequate other opponents voiced concerns about construction impacts and the placement of pipelines through the Eagle Lake subdivision as well as natural areas owned by the city of Fort. Collins. Northern and other proponents count me among them. said, this is needed to provide water as the region grows. They also said construction of, blade, reservoir would provide recreational opportunities for county residents this as the Larimer county commissioners along party lines do approve that permit for. glade..

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