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And thence months pass, deflected up and out of play trying to hit his point, Man, Wickers and Willie Rhyme just stuck the stick in in front of it. It tipped up and went Over the Mercyhurst bench out a player for us. We'll get a line change. They'll bring out Harper Horn and Valerie and Nate Horn. I believe we'll take this face off Air Force little late getting down there Bowery, and they'll be Valerie. Right and Burger on the dock for the Lakers in front of Alex Shilling right from Burger wins it along the wall. Hannah stick battle there and sues for possession of the puck. Out of the scrum comes apart, Lakers have it feed to the other side and a shot in from there never got close. Winds up. Over on the far side along the wall. They try to go behind the net. With that didn't work feet high and the slot drifting shooting. Wickers redirected into the corner dug out of the corner by the Lakers in the circle to the left of Schilling. Now out to the high slot at the Blue Line. This is Wickers passing to his right for the shot by Daniel's covered up by Alec Schilling. Schilling goes down Makes save number 22 already in this game. 24 11 shot advantage for Mercyhurst. The Lakers won for three on the power play tonight. Air Force Is one for two way added an assist on the first Air Force goal scored by Gavin. We New Bride had the first one Luke Robinson, freshman defenseman gets his first career point.

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