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Show host and one of our favorite guests from the Great State of Colorado or the formerly great state of Colorado. There's still great people there. But, you know, according to Ah, according to the governor, and some people who are living under his totalitarian rule, not so great anymore. Karen Catelyn joins us the host of spouting off her radio show. On Karen Catelyn radio and the host of many, many talk shows. In fact, she may sit in for me one night, but it probably wouldn't pay her what she's worth so Well, but the honor would be all mine. I would love to do that. How are you doing in the great or the formerly great state of Colorado tonight, Miss Catalin that that's a heartbreaker Because Denver is my hometown. I don't live in Denver anymore. But You know? Yeah, well, Bob Seger years ago, said Get out of Denver. You should have paid attention when he said that. Well, I did. I did get out of Denver married and I moved north. So there you go. Now. You live in a very Red County compared to the rest of Weld County. Correct? Yes, I do. And I only I only came by living here because I got married. It turns out that living in a place that appreciates oil and gas and farming and ranching, even though I'm allergic to. Almost all of it taught me a great deal that I never knew is an urban Jewish kid. So you always just talking to. Ah, guess that also is on the program tonight. Jonathan Jack a basket. He talks about the divide between rural and urban American. It's I think it's never been never been greater. Just your thoughts on that. Yeah, I'm sort of living. Uh, green acres. Which dates me, of course. But people have seen on I don't look a thing like Eva Gabor. But Pretty. She'll look anything like any Albert. Probably more like that. So I married this trucker who was a fuel holler now is in kind of a hot Petoskey job. But yeah, Even though I lived in New York and L. A in Florida, I am basically very urban. And if I had a nickel for every Jewish person I knew from whenever who said you're moving? Where? Why are you doing that? Because I'm one of seven Jews in this county in And six of them teach at the university and are very liberal. So, um, what I learned was massive, though, because I realized and, you know Victor Davis Hanson talked about this a lot. I realized that the hard left which runs and controls now the Democrat Party. The reason they've been talking down and demeaning rural people and calling them rednecks. For years and years and years. We didn't realize that there was a message to their madness. And that is they resent anybody who is self sufficient. Who can take care of themselves who is not dependent on the government. And so that includes conservative straight men of any color. People want to take care of their families want the government off their backs? And, uh And it's interesting that in Colorado our really Horrible. I've run out of adjectives for him. Governor is doing the bidding of all the Democratic governors, Two tests Weld County but wants to keep them around to kick around because they are the golden Goose. It provides all that tax money for their from their oil and gas and ranching and farming and water. Well, you know, they want to get rid of oil and gas, though. Of course they do. Um, and so, But now there's a movement. It's kind of. It's not a very well kept secret that well counting would very much like to join Wyoming. So their bumper stickers everywhere. That's a Weld County, Wyoming because Wyoming would love us. But Colorado wants to keep Weld County round TOC around. But there are those kind until they out until they until they outlaw the revenue that they crave. Just it's it makes no sense at all. And you know, there's there's a big move now. For the Texas Thing. The seceding of Texas so could well could Weld County just secede from Colorado and join Wyoming? Well, it wouldn't be a succession. I mean, there are people that are seriously looking into this. And they've even looked into the oil and gas rights because there is a lot of oil and gas money. Funny when you smell the smell of feedlots and so forth, people say, Well, that's the smell of money and I say well, It isn't the smell of my money. No, stop my money belt, but nevertheless, they do want to join well counting, And that would mean it wasn't a succession, but It would be a very long process and people all over the country or doing that. They're people in, you know, Oregon and while Washington they're trying to move into Idaho and And all the rest and certainly South Dakota, which everybody who loves freedom. Once the wit there, they just don't realize it's braising that it's a shame that people want to move or change their designation of where they live. Instead of actually being equally represented by the government of the state that they live in. It's a shame. Well, it's because and this is true of the country and God willing, we prevail because Trump concerned this around. There's so many people that air Lost faith that are basically trying to get their brain around us. God forbid, poor tweet Tweet President Biden, but What they What they are so frustrated about is that we've crossed the Rubicon from Ah elected representative government. Into very frankly, a dictatorship where the people who were initially elected don't care A whit what the people think they're going to use force. And bullying and intimidation to whip them into shape, and that's exactly what our founders were trying to escape. Yeah, The The irony does not does not allude me whatsoever. So what are what are the paths still forward for President Trump being are.

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