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From the Koven 19 closures. Money will go to the creation of a Gogo archive and to the promotion of Gogo activities. Go go, a style of music that originated here in the nation's capital in the 19 seventies. Push continues to come up with a new name for a major road in Arlington that's named after a Confederate general. That would be Lee Highway, which runs through several jurisdictions. City of Falls Church Ray named its portion Washington Street a while back, It could just go ahead and do that, because Virginia City's air not required to get state approval as Arlington, which is a county does. Arlington County Board member Katie Crystal says she and her colleagues are glad to see neighborhood leaders begin the important conversation about the community's past and its vision. For the future. Arlington expects the state to go along with it. Its eventual ly highway renaming suggestion even though it is the state, which owns and maintains Route 29. Sandy coz l W T O P News, a Montgomery County private school, is moving classes outside this fall. In response to the Corona virus pandemic students and teachers at Matara Morris Montessori school and asked in Maryland will be learning outside, intense this fall, being able to come to school and be with teachers and with classmates. Is the ideal scenario. Head of school. Alicia Davis in right, said her school has set up outside tables and ground workspaces for their students on their 13 anchor campus. She believes the new model will help Children continue learning in person while taking precautions for the Corona virus in the monastery model monastery philosophy. Children have some choice and where they work and what they work on. So this allows them to continue to have that bond. W T O be news. 2 20 for your summer. Fun starts now. At Fair Oaks, Chantilly, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram. Get hot Summer savings on New Cherokees, Grand Cherokees, Wranglers, rams and more with huge factory incentives. You.

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