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The Wisconsin Supreme Court has struck down governor Tony YVR is stay at home restrictions the High Court ruled for Republicans in a challenge to an extension issued by the governor's health secretary arguing she exceeded her authority the four to three ruling means the state is essentially reopened ahead of the may twenty six expiration date of IFRS order the governor says the decision leaves the state in chaos order have seventy one also and that we were in a good way we are no longer the water lives caps on the size of gatherings allowing people to travel as they please and allowing shuttered businesses to reopen including bars and restaurants I'm bill Michaels over one point three million Americans are infected with the virus eighty four thousand have died from cove it nineteen according to Johns Hopkins University and Medical Center I'm John trout reports say US senator Richard Burr has had his cell phone seized by federal agents in a probe into stock trades made ahead of the market crash caused by the pandemic the warrant and subsequent cellphone seizure reported by the LA times marks a notable step in the probe into whether senator Richard Burr sought to profit from information he got in private congressional briefings about the spread of the covert nineteen virus the North Carolina Republican heads of the Senate intelligence committee and is being scrutinized for selling up to one point seven million dollars in stocks in February after receiving closed door briefings about the virus before the market began trending downward as Scott Kerr the judge presiding over Michael Flynn's case has appointed a retired jurist to evaluate whether the former national security adviser should be held in contempt that order a signal registering the judges resistance to accepting the justice department's.

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