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You know. Everybody's calling me crazy. Oh you don't know what you're talking about rosemary. Shit trump going gonna beat hillary. Get out of it. You know in the night after you know everybody's with face that you know like what happened just happened so i have a feeling this time. That is not even want to be close by will win. Tomorrow he will win. Now when biden wins I saw this post that. I wanna go with with you and and be done. It was posted by Sean jones of you want to catch him. He has a podcast as well It's called the life and love with. Sean comes on wizards nights. And it's a live him speaker and they also have a music podcasts. Music one on one. With toll sean. saturday's lavish will He posted something that. I've seen that. I thought that i share it because it is relevant. What's going on now. And it's really unfortunate that. I even have to redo she but astounds reliving in After biden win. There are some things that i think that you should do. Just in case if some civil rights do jump off a posted something. Do you have a host election safety plan in place. What are you gonna do when the election's over and there is civil risks so these days my hip you out.

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