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Brace survey live from the kfi 24hour newsroom california's state senate president kevin dili own says of these states allocation of what another two million dollars for the la river restoration is an encouraging delon payment on a massive projects mamic fifty one miles de leon told mbc la might be harder to get the feds to help fund the project had the fight like hell to get those dollars to make sure they come to lesage's forever it's a big question mark uh the we don't know as of yet given who the current president united states us president trump said federal flung should be withheld from cities like la that follow sanctuary city policies copsey in ohio c to middle opened fire on a party for a pregnant woman that was going to reveal the gender of her unborn child one woman was killed several young children hurt and shooting that also wounded a pregnant woman says she lost her child blue so that shooting happened last night in the coleraine township outside cincinnati police said they don't have a motive for the attack it looks like a home invasion robbery the two men with guns pearly came in the front door before they opened fire got away on foot there's been no arrests officials are asking federal regulators to look into a snore 'table chocolate powder that speeding marketed like a drug the inhalable food product known as cocoa loko promises feelings of wellbeing mental focus ecstasy likely for you and aggressive motivation us senator schumer sent a letter yesterday to the fda asking them to investigate its claims is that there are too many unanswered questions about the products the founder of legal lean co which sells this notable chocolate says he did not consult medical professionals that believes the product is safe it does list it contains kelp her which comes from beans used in chocolate but it does not detail other ingredients rosacea rivera kfi needs parties castle large.

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