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Gaba with us. Gabon WanNa talk to you about Luis Suarez who's going to outlets Madrid that is done. But of course this week we thought maybe he was going to advantage in preparation for that he went and took his Italian citizenship test. Why is this relevant atoll? Well, it turns out he's cheated on this test that was phone typing and all this kind of Netflix's excitement around its and what's GonNa Happen Now. Well So I. If you're wondering why he needs to determine citizenship test, it's because in Spain to be counted in you player, you just need to have a spouse who's who's in EU citizen, which which wires has a residential you have to be a most of your you have to use it isn't It's not like he was taking test just. So you could go to vendors. He would say he was doing it to keep his options open to go to any club but. He has a need to take the test. Now, the absurdity miss is he decided to take the test at University I. Fiddle. which will goes in and test people on behalf of the of the Italian. Government and the problem is this place had been under investigation. Since February because they were accused of basically how can I put this basically like arranging vision having very easy tests of short where you know you talk to the Guy Informally Beforehand he tells you everything you need to know, and then he gives you a high grade. So. All these guys have been wiretapped fiddle. John. The wiretaps reveal that they're discussing Juarez and one guy's going Joe George did speak a lick lick of Italian. But of course, we're going to help him pass and stuff like that. So he's not officially under investigation yet. These people rings exam are under investigation. Yeah. It's not a good look for him at all. I mean football is it doesn't matter because he's taking in Spain but not a good look on. You've meant this by the way adamant that they had nothing to do is to test. You know they had lost interest in in in Suarez as long as a week ago. So Suarez going Athletico Madrid the deal they cut was they will pay Barcelona two million year is for every time they make it to the quarter-finals of the Champions League Joe's, and it's funny because you think about cars you think washed up thing is a it rubbish. We've Creko lack of pace on the show things like that but his numbers are still pretty good twenty one goals last season he's something to offer as name. I'm also sure that yeah of course twenty one last season we may see in your team news twenty one goes probably in season even you even you could go so other. No. And we? Different from US I think I think Messi with the women more than men but I think he has a fitness. Wise. He hasn't been fit for a wide you could see. Yes. Sometimes used games and technically. Gifted player just he run as much as you used to economic runs, it doesn't have this movement. You could clearly tell and I think he would give you some games some good games now, and again, I, just don't think for season you can rely on him and that's why I'm a bit surprised out clubs actually ventures and even not to Madrid, really have been looking for them benign for more than eight months now since since January last year within some Kalani and and for them to just good to throw is now thirty three just finding a bit disappointing. So Suarez.

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