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This is the game they could determine the top seed in the NFC New Orleans tending to San Francisco tending to meeting today every city spend Superdome an Irish two losses by three points this year drew Brees six in one of his career against teams ranked number one overall in total defense defense had almost nothing to do with what happened today we got a fast forward way ahead in this one in a wild offences game between both of these teams when drew Brees let his team down field looking for the leave late first on trips to Israel Niners bring pressure can breeze blows a little six street W. W. O. radio flagship station in Orleans Saints in so late in the ball game under a minute to go in the saints have believe back in a see saw game but Jimmy rob Lowe at a big game today figured out a way to try to put together a signature moment for himself as a quarterback and used his tight end to help him for durable but he throws out you search for a person to step let's see what right now the forty Niners are about the same thirty yard line George Kendall went crazy on the fly ran down the sideline did he stood firm order they step are bear markets will Greg Papa Dennis.

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