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Are you gonna Kit dressed like you know. Maybe i won't get interested in. Have some breakfast lunch maybe. Well i'm like you know what i took a shower got trust and i said that's all i'm doing today and i'm going to catch up on the clown and watch. We watched the crown and eat food in ice cream and take a nap. Been much more crown. That's gonna be it and it was great. It's so fulfilling and like it's funny. 'cause we don't do things enough ourselves so i know when i do something like that i feel like i'm getting away with something which is a really fun feeling right. It's like you're cheating. Yeah so it's like when you get to travel but it's also business extractions exactly. Oh yes that is a good feeling carry. I know you know you have a lot of free sources. Where can people go if they wanna learn more from you if they want to be able to you know. Get things prioritized and get out of overwhelm their business. Oh i'm so glad you asset. So i've got a freebie that i'm gonna make sure that you get. It's called my daily priority list and it just kind of explains that three-set process of Daily focused your priorities them. Brain dumping in also is a digital version. So you can download that if you want to And then if people want to stay connected on instagram at kerrie roberts. Coaching in three confined me. And my website is carrie roberts..

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