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Time seven thirty four. The brewers are one series win away. You know from the fall classic this after dismissing a potent Rockies offense with perhaps the best team pitching performance in L D S history. Three. On a blistering fastball by here. Brewers. Well, it just don't seem to have enough pitching incredible. Shut up. So thank you. Trevor. Thank you for pointing out what the so-called experts just won't accent. In two thousand eight the brewers had CC's in twenty eleven Zach Ricky this season. Well, it's everybody's right. I mean, you guys obviously have gotten the majority of the intention they've been incredible. But we have so many guys out there that are throwing the ball gray right now burns, Brandon. Anybody in baseball. When you add those guys, aren't you? Mr. The back. China makes us out much deeper veteran Ryan Braun Woodruff is a rookie soaking up the knowledge of the players who have been here before. The playoffs and especially has won the World Series. They've experienced and learn from them and just try to apply the word starter kit. So two thousand sixteen this team is all about outfitters all star. Jeremy Jeffers is one of them. You know, it doesn't matter who it is as long as a name is called. Thank you one hundred percent creek. He believes that each and every one of these guys brewers bullpen ERA the month of September the best in baseball. It just shows how we prepare ready for anything. We're ready for anybody. As long as we go out there. And just do what we do. It's just part of how the brewers have built their longest winning streak since nineteen eighty seven. Eleven. A late season surge has put the brewers in an enviable position owners of the best record in the National League. And now the road to the World Series routes through town Johnston. What did you say you guys will have home field advantage in the NFC s? It doesn't matter. How your plan? Yes. Pregame programming for game..

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