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Welcome to who are very first episode of ladies like I'm nauseating. Mandy and I'm not a Moham- and yeah we actually cannot believe. We're doing this right right now. No who gave us show podcast one but we're grateful. We're really great. Our just kidding goes. Yes so ladies like us. Let me go to our instagram bio. Do I want to know about unions. Who are you mantis? Let the people know okay who am I and everyone I mean a million people know she is. She's a million guy followers so I should probably say who I am that but <hes> yeah who are you now. Okay well. <hes> I am from Valencia California which is a little north of you've Los Angeles. I grew up there but I left right away. As soon as I turned eighteen. I was out of that ditch. It's a great place to raise your family not a great place to live as a teenager so yeah suburban life. We'll get get into that later anyways each their own yeah right right right so I grew up in the entertainment business I sing an act. It's something I've done ever since I was a child along with modelling since I was about ten years old and yeah we're here. Now I mean I've entertainment has been my entire life. I've had a lot of ups and downs a lot of very interesting moments that I will be more than happy to share with you all well. It's it's time for Nadia's thousand grand challenges can be like. I'm a makeup artist. I was signing my notes so interesting is he. Oh yeah people really tell you their business when you're in the makeup show yes. You're one hundred percent right about that a therapist. I know lots of secrets yeah but I really believe in holding those secrets or not for for other people to know they're not here in my dirt on my clients. Sorry about it. We keep it professionals okay yeah. No I have been doing makeup for. I had to calculate it the other day I was like I think I've been telling hi people five years for like a really long time and I realized it's like over seven now so been doing that. <hes> let's see what else I'm from Orange County and I am just your average run of the mill girl. She's far from average. I'm sorry to interject. I don't have this leg lifelong like I've been singing and dancing story address. She has though she just doesn't know she's been entertaining her equalize. If no no no. I wish I remember shy kid. You probably don't remember this. No because I was more shy yes true but so I didn't look at you as true I mean I literally have to like. I would bring the transcripts oops in one day so you guys can see my report cards. My teachers.

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