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Looks, it's gone. Home run. Manuel Margot, in its postseason debut, launches a two run homer and the raise three Nothing. Lee. That's how it sounded on the Res Radio Network temple. They will now look to eliminate the bluejays coming up this afternoon and advance to the American League Division series. I'm Jason Barrenger. Stay informed during hurricane season with VeloNews Dotcom's Operation Storm Watch brought to you by Morgan Exteriors. It's 705 at NewsRadio Wofl a three days worth of jobs. News begins this morning when paycheck company ADP releases its survey of September jobs created by the private sector. The forecast of economists in a Bloomberg survey is for nearly 650,000 jobs to have been created last month. But as some ad jobs, others air cutting, and that includes Disney, which will slash 28. Isn't jobs and its slumping resort business. The move marks one of the deepest workforce reductions of the cove in 19 era. While that cuts include executives and salaried employees, most being let go your part timers. Investors from Miami have snapped up to retail store fronts on ST Armand's Circle in Sarasota. The price tag $15.5 million According to the Herald Tribune. Limestone As said. Management closed the deal on 3 71 ST Armand's Circle, the current home of a Tommy Bahama store, and 3 62 John Ringling Boulevard, which has three tenants from Bloomberg. I'm Steve POTUS for NewsRadio, w F L A. We always remain all your work is so friendly and it's like being at home. It's mostly like, you know, eating at your mother's house. You know, when I go there, I eat food that I grew up with. It comforts you because Rings back all of those memories. It's.

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