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Norlander is here with me and the forever celebrated first Thursday of the NCAA tournament. It is in the books. If you're not watching live on YouTube, I should tell you that it is one 30 a.m. eastern. If you are watching live on YouTube, please smash the like button like your Brandon Davies and check this out. If we get a 150 likes on this video. Yeah. While we're talking here in the middle of the night on YouTube, we'll give away. About to tell you. About to tell you what I'm gonna do. I don't know if you know what really the people want here, but go ahead. We're gonna give away a $100 gift card to paramount plus, which is your place to stream NCAA tournament games, the NFL, Champions League, the PGA Tour, and some of the best films and shows being made right now among them, mayor of Kingstown, starring Academy Award, nominee, Jeremy Renner. So just like get in the comments, shout out larnell, leaky black, dodo birds, doesn't matter to me. Leave your Twitter handle or your Instagram handle with your comment. That way if you win, we can contact you. All that's out of the way. All right, dead leg. What? A day. Some years, the madness, it doesn't arrive until Friday afternoon, maybe even Friday night. This year it has already arrived. We had two 12s. Beat 5s. We had an 11. Over a 6, three games went to overtime. One of which was improbably Kentucky, Saint Peter's, which is obviously where we'll start. For the tenth time, in the history of the NCAA tournament, a two seed lost to a 15 C final score Saint Peter's 85 Kentucky 79 in OT, a stunner in Indianapolis, dead leg on a scale of one to Sydney Sweeney. Oh, boy. How crazy is it? That John calipari's wildcats are already out of the 2022 NCAA tournament. Do you have that team in the final four? No, I had UCLA. Okay, well, that's interesting. That guy interesting could have been messier. This could have been messier here. Okay, so a couple things here. First of all, the people want you to make a peacock noise. Are you willing to do that on the podcast? I saw the hashtag Jeep, I saw the hashtag GP cock just so you know. Okay. As I, as I tweeted, I've been in studio all night. If my makeup looks great, it's because I've been in studio all night. It does. Thank you. And so I have to rush straight out of the CBS broadcast center, which is at 50 7th, but it's on 57th between tenth and 11th. They're in Manhattan. And then I got to get to 54th in Broadway. So they got a nice car waiting for me outside. I hopped in and it's, you know, 5 minute ride, not too bad, but I'm hustling, because I got to get back here to start the I on college basketball podcast. And I did start to see, 'cause I've been on TV for three straight hours. I started to see people want me to make a peacock sound. And it occurred to me on my ride back to the hotel. I don't know what sound peacocks make. Do I? I actually, I meant to look it up, but I haven't had time. Well, I don't know. You want to know how much? If you want to know how I spit my ride from the CBS broadcast center to my hotel, it was by looking on YouTube. Okay. And listening to peacocks makes sense. You want me to give it a shot? Let's hear it. Oh. Oh. Oh. Ah. Oh. Ah. Ah. Jonathan Chubb, what? Ah. Ah. Something like that. Wow. I mean, I give it to you, man. I didn't know if we were getting that, but the people demanded it. Don't ever say I don't prep for this podcast. I've got prep for this podcast. Oh, it's a leak. It's going in the drops, eventually. Okay? Going in the drops eventually. What an incredible, incredible day. Thank you to everyone that is up if you're up late on the east coast like us, well, more power to you, but particularly our West Coast mountain audience, maybe central time zone. Hello. Let me tell you, this is where you can tell. I've been in studio and you've been waiting to do this because I'm like still wired from being on TV for three straight hours and you so obviously are ready to go to sleep. Well, I just, I happen to only get, I mean, I'm up, I'm up the night before. Watching Notre-Dame and Mike bray and get it all done and then I'm trying to fall asleep and I'm geeked for the tournament and then I had to get up at I woke up at like 5 15. So I've just been averaging like four and a half hours for like 5 straight nights and it's about hitting me. I think I might be able to steal like 7 hours tonight, but I'm good to go with you buddy and this Saint Peter's win provided really an all time moment in the history of the tournament. I don't know if it's the biggest one ever, but I saw some incredible incredible stats coming out of this. One of which I think I want to highlight here shout to Tim Burke bubba Prague on Twitter who does an amazing job. Basically covering all facets of media. And he had the research. He said Kentucky's basketball budget for men is 12.5 times as much as Saint Peter's. And he said, I can almost, I'm almost certain this is the biggest upset by expenditures ratio ever without a doubt. He said for comparison, UMBC when it Virginia, Virginia was only spending 5.7 times more. This stuff actually means a ton. I tweeted earlier, Saint Peter's is the toughest job in the Mac, it doesn't pay its third assistant position, which is a borderline unheard of throughout most of division one. It is so overmatched in every single possible aspect. And yet for all the greatness of this game, this outcome, what the peacocks did, I freaking love that. I love it. I love it. You're not getting this anywhere else. You're not getting peacock noises. And I would do it, but I really don't know. I hope I'm not waking anyone else up right next door. Imagine you're in the room next to me. And at one 30 in the morning, you hear somebody making peacock noises. How outrageous? It's Saint Patrick's Day though. You get what you get. You know what, that's a great, great, great, great, great point. This is the glory of the tournament though. It absolutely is. You know, to get a school as small as Saint Peter's on the same court as Kentucky. Man, Kentucky came into this game with a 127 all time NCA tournament wins to its program. Saint Peter said zero. And now it has one. An amazing job by shaheen Holloway. Just incredible, man. Incredible, incredible stuff. It's the tenth time.

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