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M reports hundreds of thousands along the Gulf Coast could be without power for most of September. Most people in New Orleans have their lights back on. But some neighborhoods like Venetian Isles will have to wait longer because of how badly they were damaged. Crews are having to use cranes to lift down polls over homes along the Gulf Coast damages even worse. Some people may have to wait until October to get power restored about 30,000 power poles have been knocked out across the state, more than the number damaged by hurricanes Delta Zeta and Katrina combined. Energy says customers should not expect the price are paying for electricity to go up. But months from now, Louisiana residents could see steeper power bills when regulators factor in the cost of restoring the grid. For NPR news. I'm Stephen Bass. Aha. The Biden administration today as Congress for billions of dollars in new funding to deal with hurricanes and other natural disasters, as well as the evacuation of tens of thousands of people from Afghanistan. The Office of Management and Budget says at least $24 billion in new money will be needed for wild fires and storms, including Hurricane Ida 6.5 billion will be needed for the Afghan evacuation and the refugee settlement. Wall Street is trading in mixed territory at this hour. You're listening to NPR news. Prominent Russian human rights lawyer says he fled Russia under pressure from authorities from Moscow. Charles Maynes, reports 50 year old human rights layer of on Pavlov has taken on some of modern Russia's most challenging cases pending client after client from state charges such as espionage and extremism. Stealing our money. Yet the country's security services are consumed by spy mania warn Pablo than an interview last year hostile political environment appears to have contributed to a criminal probe against him this spring when authorities accused Pavlov of leaking classified information in a high profile treason trial. Banned by the courts from using electronic devices. Pablo says his work has become impossible in Russia. He's handed current cases over to colleagues and fled abroad, saying he hopes to return to Russia Sunday. Charles Maynes. NPR NEWS Moscow Coalition of environmental groups once this year's cop 26 climate summit in Scotland to be postponed, arguing that too little has been done to ensure the safety of participants. Amid the continuing threat from Covid 19. The Climate action network, which includes more than 1500 organizations and 130 countries, says there is a risk to the many representatives of journalists from developing countries may be unable to attend because of travel restrictions. UN climate conference is scheduled for early November. On Wall Street, the Dow is down 206 points. The NASDAQ is up 34, the S and P..

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