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We'll go through some of the pieces that i think Surprising stepped in in a big way as well. I think none bigger than horvath but when you when you go through the line and say all right. We're in a final and you're saying who can. I rely on and final and soccer fans to your to your pointless questioning. Alright well you guys have done it in different circumstances but we haven't seen it in a us kit altogether and if you go straight up the spine from the goalkeepers because all had both of them horvath Especially coming in. And then. John anthony brooks. I thought was immense in this game. Even though mark. Mckenzie and tim ream struggled on either side of him. You really was able to hold down for and then weston mckennie. I think was fantastic. I mean there were just a couple moments where i can almost see. He just has this kind of confidence about him. That i wasn't even sure. If i've seen him before. And i good is but he has confidence where he looks over at berhalter. A couple times in greg's like he almost looks like yeah i got you i got you and i'm like oh no he really does you know and like he has this sense of belief about him in the plays he was all over the pitch all night and got the most important on the on the header. That you and then the other header on the other header and then just tracking back everything and then g arena as well And then christian. Who didn't even have the best match but stepped up in the most important moment and when you look at him for spark dotto up that moment christian. I just love the way he even said like from going for it. Like i mean he's like i'm putting it top bins or whatever term. Used inside. I just love that like because there's so much pressure. Their champions league final winter champions league winner and he's saying okay. You know what you know. Who cares like. I'm just i'm going gonna just go do it my way and i just love that attitude. Kind of all the way through that from the big stars or the purported big stars team Found those moments. We'll go through the other guys who i thought were great but Through the up the spine right down the middle with our biggest players. I thought All stepped up in a big way and can match so you said spine and we beat to your point or doyle's about changing generations. I look at this game and memo chose thirty five right. Hector marino's thirty three. Gordo didn't start in. This game started the last game at thirty five. I'll try in his prime starting to exit a potentially thirty three thirty one thirty two. And then you flip over to the us and you're just talking about youth up those spots..

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