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Was out by his firepit in the back. Which was you know, he loved to go out back by the fire pit drink a few beers and reminisce and talk to folks and the fire did spread to part of the house. But luckily, the fire department came and put it out before it could spread to any of Gary's works of art. So that was spared. So we will get a miss those guys. And I I don't know who could ever replace them. It's going to it's going to be a long time before somebody comes along. And and and you know, put together that kind of art NASCAR art that. We've come to know and love over the past what ten twenty years. Thank you very much. Very well said Steve Richard does leave a void in the NASCAR racing community and will Michigan hill and Sam bass also thanks a lot stinks chiming in on that here today. We did want to have a chance to say that we had. So much racing though during the race today that we didn't have time to fit that in. And we had a truncated version of the wicks filters pre ratio markets all over here. Bristol, no surprise about who's part in victory. No, it's not again. You know, he finds a way he did not have the fastest car. But they made a great pitstop early on to fix the damage to that car. He was involved in a crash on lap three and you get the latte five hundred he's an outback victory lane. I mean, it's that kind of effort, and again, you know, joy llegado probably the faster car but Kyle Busch with fast enough, and they had the better strategy time now for our autozone. Driver of the race. And I'll go first time. Okay. I'm sorry. It's I don't like picking the winner. Right. I think from a guy that got caught up in a lap to accident had a damaged race car had to battle back. Didn't have the best race car here today, but they made a brilliant. Call Leitner race to keep him out in inherit the lead. I. I think it's called Bush. See my vote at the end was going to be easy. But Chris butcher had a problem there with the loose tire. You ran top five top ten all afternoon long. I was prepared to do that for him. And I'm gonna go with Daniel Suarez. He finished eight he fought upfront all day long. He had a problem fought back on the lead lap gets a top ten. So you can break the top honorable mentions, by the way to a MAC Benedetto who came home twelfth today, and Ty Dillon who had a nice run and Paul Menard. Yep. Six place finish here today at Bristol Motor Speedway. I'm going to defer to you. I'm going to say Daniel Suarez, autozone. Driver of the race. It's never a good feeling. Check. You see? Your check engine light on minds on right now. By the way, thankfully, autozone. Fix finder service can tell you the most likely fixed for free get in the zone, autozone. So if you show up at autozone. The Mr. rice when was the last time, you checked your oil, you're gonna go. One of those things where I left the gas cap. I'm I'm that guy. All right. Let's give you the full field. Run down here from the food city five hundred cow Bush wins by almost a second over brother Kirk Busch. Joey Logano third. Ryan Blaney fourth fifth at any Hamlin. Paul Menard six clip boy or seven Daniel Suarez eight Ryan Newman, ninth and Jimmy Johnson came home ten eleven chase Elliott twelve Matt Benedetto. Kevin Harvick comes back to finish lead lap in thirteenth. He may have pass more cars than anybody today with all the problems that he had Austin Dillon fourteenth. Fifteenth was tied. Dylan sixteenth William Byron final car on the lead. Lap minus one in seventeenth Martin treks junior..

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