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Projects. Plus he upfront pricing and securely pay contractors through the Angie APP or on angie dot com. New York City in the streets, and I am out here with you this week on the United States and anxiety of you from the vantage of my bite another semi part, the entire bike lane here filled with cars here in the street. With the semis Now inequity is literally built into our city. So now that we're back out here, do we want to do anything differently? And what we want from our next mayor? Join me for the United States of Anxiety Live tonight at six on W N. Y C. And coming up with these are in the next 30 minutes More on our top story. We'll talk to a senior Hamas official in Gaza are the militants using civilians as human shields. Also, Burmese army units move into a small town in western Myanmar that had taken up arms against the military government. The leading climate scientists response to U. S Envoy John Kerry's claim that New tech will help reduce carbon emissions. All that's coming up after the knees. BBC News within the union is the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has brushed off international appeals for an immediate cease fire in Gaza, saying it would take time to restore calm. He said his country's military operation against Palestinian militants was continuing with full force. Officials in Garza's A Sunday was the deadliest day since the violence broke out A week ago, the U. N Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned that further fighting could plunge the region into an on containable crisis. Um Middle East coordinator Lin Hasting said Garza was on the brink of running out of fuel, threatening the power supply to hospitals and all the facilities. Meanwhile, leaders in western Europe Of condemned and December Chisholm had pro Palestinian demonstrations over the weekend, The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, said Britain's Jews should not have to end your racism. Jewish leader in Germany said abusive chance in Berlin recall the darkest days of German history. Who is really is have been killed in more than 130 injured at a Hasidic synagogue in a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank. The incident happened when a grandstand collapsed, sending people plummeting to the ground. Irish officials, A cyber criminals have launched a second attack in a week on the country's health system. A ransom note warned the criminals would release confidential patient data on less $20 million was paid. Sergeants have criticized the U. S. Special envoy for climate Change. John Kerry for saying technologies, which don't yet exist, will play a major role in stabilizing the climate. One expert said. Getting a new technology onto the market typically took at least 30 years. And four teams competing at the Eurovision Song contest of withdrawn from Sunday's opening ceremony as a precaution against coronavirus BBC News Listening to news that the government of New South Wales in Australia has said it'll spend $35 million to help fight a devastating plague of mice. Farmers insist the infestation is an economic and public health crisis. The end of a long drought has delivered a bumper harvest. But with so much food around the rodents have thrived. Til Massa reports. Business wasn't us get a mask, even Mojo. The can't has had enough of mice. Exhausted After days of hunting. He barely flinched when his owner put a small rodent on his head. Get math. We don't have parts of New South Wales of being invaded by untold numbers of mice. The state's agriculture minister, Adam Marshall, is promising millions of dollars to help farmers and country towns way to significantly reduce the number of mice that are in plague proportions. By spring. We're facing an absolute economic and social crisis, a mouse plague, overrunning the state's farmers is finally getting the attention of the state government. With a major baiting program about to begin but the authorities of being accused of ignoring the problem for months. The New South Wales opposition labor leader is Jodi McKay. There are mice eating through Internet cords through electrical cords. We've got mice in cots. We've got crops that are being destroyed. We've got houses that have been overrun and suddenly the minister today when he's under a bit of pressure decides that he's going to announce $50 million Which is too little. Too late. It's groaning marks. Farm workers cleaning grain pumping systems have bean showered with dead rodents. Lucy Moss.

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