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Money was tight, so you had to take you took him back. Yeah, I got to talking about inflation. That's what we're going through. Right right. The other one was Over a decade later. Um we had tickets to go see Stevie Ray Vaughan. And that's when he went up in the top, and then it crashed. Yeah. Wow, Maggie. Thanks. I got you know if I had heard Maggie bought tickets to my show, I might have actually paid her to not buy tickets to my show at that point, because it seems like she's buying tickets. And then some. I'm just kidding. I'm kidding, Maggie. I'm just messing around. Hey, Bill. Thank you for waiting. Tell me your band or artist. You didn't get a C and now they're gone and you don't get to Uh, well, I want to tell you a quick story said you're Tom Petty fans. Yes. I was eroded back in the seventies and eighties. And the management company called me up, and they gave me a choice between Dorner Tour with Linda Ronstadt and Tom Petty. And I took Linda on stat. Did her 1980 Mad love tour. But the artist I'd never got to see was Jimi Hendrix. We were in art class. When the announcement was made, I was in high school and we already had tickets to see the show. And announced that he had died. Man, That's crazy. You know, Bill, uh, going back to your story about being on Linda Ron Stats tour. Um It's really sad. What? You know where she is. Now. You know what I mean? As far as Watching her voice because I gotta tell you, I don't know that there was she is right up there. And what top five top 10 the most pure voices ever in the history of of female Artist. I mean, she was incredible. And you got to hear it live every night. I bet you it was something else. Yeah, You know, we we did. He did a matinee after the opening night in Williamsburg, Virginia, and she came in with Laryngitis. And she did that. She did both shows that day without a hitch. Wow! And after after the second show was done, she couldn't talk. Oh, wow. What a pro, right Wow, that's crazy. Absolutely. Yeah. Thanks, man. I appreciate it. Good, good story there. We'll keep it going on the legacy retirement group dot com Phone lines, Mark. Thank you for waiting. Tell me about the band or artist you didn't get to see Yeah, Emerson Lake and Palmer. Mm yeah. Tell me the story with it. And also be our roadie on their tour. But, uh Did get to see David Boy Queen. The stones. The prince. So you are a roadie. I was going. I was going to try to be a roadie Only on the tour. Oh, okay, opportunity to to go down. But could be down there in time. I hear you. All right, Mark. Thanks. Um, Andrew. Thank you for waiting and tell me your band or artist. You didn't get a C. Didn't get to see Randy Rhoads. I had tickets to the Aussie show. It was the diary of a madman. Tor and Randy Rhoads died a month before the show. I had tickets for now. They didn't cancel it. Mean Ozzy was not a rich man at the time. He would have lost his shirt if they had canceled the tour, So they pushed the dates back, and I went to it anyway. And Ozzy did not want to be there. He was hammered. And he was just going through the motions. Hurting. Yeah. I never got to see Randy Rhoads play live. That was was that a plane crash? That was a plane crash, where they were taking a break from the tour. There were on and Randy and I think it was the makeup artist and one of the roadies who had a pilot license. Ran to the little Cessna, and then they all got drunk and decided to fly a plane and buzz. The tour bus where Ozzy was wrapped out drunk and the landing gear. They almost killed Ozzie. In the process of that, they the landing gear hit the bus, and then they crashed into a tree. And that's how Randy Rhoads died. And it was a month before the show. I had tickets to that is Andrew. Thanks, man. I appreciate it great, great story that I knew somehow, some way it was like the plane almost hit Ozzy's bus, but I'd forgotten the actual Whole story with that. Wow, Crazy. All right, let's do traffic and weather together from 10, star heating and cooling products. Here's Johnny Hill High 71 a little slow both directions at 6 70 downtown are seeing a little more build up on 33 down from 2 70 to Hamilton Road as well. To have a couple new accidents, fishing or west of Read in Upper Arlington Looks like Columbus medics are cancelled from the scene, but watch for you a there and more sins..

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