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Because bittu women had a falling out. Apparently hefner had fallen in love with one of doris. His bodyguards endorsed intake. Kindly to being anything. Less than the center of hefner's world lafferty was smart enough. He didn't just make himself the air. He made himself executor. And the trustee of the charitable trust the charitable estate. So this meant when when she died he was gonna come into control of over a billion dollars in liquid assets. Six months after the will was revised. Doris suffered a series of strokes died. Lafferty didn't keep hafner totally away from the estate. She was awarded sixty five million dollars in a settlement. Which barely dented. It's one point. Two billion dollar value soon. After dora says death a twenty seven year old nurse stepped forward. And said the doris is. Death wasn't as natural as it seemed. She accused lafferty and one of dora's doctors of hastening the demise with fatal doses of morphine and demerol. This supposed motive was of course money store has died. Lafferty was poised to make bank. The newspapers loved this accusation. They could literally right. The butler did it. As the headline doris left much of her. One point two billion dollars to various charities and trusts lafferty. He got a flat some of five million dollars plus another half a million dollars a year for life. The los angeles county district attorney's office conducted a criminal investigation in nineteen ninety six but couldn't get far.

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