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A result of something happened to him let's go to travis truck driving in arkansas now travis thank you for calling go ahead hi george and mr pope thanks though there everything that y'all do i wanted to reminisce just a second about a story for a about mr that was quite a quite a moment for me because he's an older brother and i don't often get that school him the scoop on things the the question i had for mr pope being that he's in the political and the government side of things wanted to ask if he would comment on the canadian politician came out some years ago and said that we were not only being visited but by numerous species and secondly if there are numerous species of aliens that are visiting isn't it quite possible that they have opposing views and what they want out of us and and therefore that's where the conflict comes from canadian official would be paul hellier who is their former minister of defense there in canada nick you know paul yes i do i had i i met him i thinking about two thousand nine two thousand ten or regrettable guy absolutely we we had a dinner when he came to the uk and we exchanged a lot of information he was very interested in rentals from forest by the way and i think subsequently he met and had discussions with colonel charles holt about that i think that pull hellier is is calf to differentiate between things that he has come across directly as a result of his experiences defense minister and the deputy prime minister in canada as opposed to things that he has been told by people he believes a credible sources so he has not come across this information in his capacity as as defense minister of canada these are things he's been told subsequently but some of his sources of course because of who he is and and the level he's at all people who you know generals and senior politicians so absolutely he he knows the thing too.

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