Syria, President Trump, Brock Obama discussed on The Brian Lehrer Show


Time and people would be threatening their ties where we'd secret service kind of moved us out early because they were nervous about what could happen that is certainly you know this is a this it does seem to be a unique time with challenges but it's also a great responsibility it's one that we that we embrace and we're trying to do our best and the normalization question is such a big one for people in our line of work i was just talking to my parents about this on the phone last night that you know doing a show where we like to consider all points of view and take all serious points of view seriously if we have the same kind of tone in the same kind of approach when the things that are at stake on tax policy or even should we go to war in syria but democracy itself or truth itself then it kind of normalizes something that shouldn't be accepted as normal on the other hand if we take a much different tone than we risk being told that were bias store taking the date that you were describing the trump you know throws out when he calls the media the enemy of the people that is events and other times and so it's a really it's a really big question it is and i think the best approach is simply to to call it like you see it i mean i'm proud of the fact that i was one of the bylines on associated press story near the end of the campaign when the president had an event in washington dc and finally acknowledged that brock obama was born in the united st he then tried to blame hillary clinton for starting the birtherism movement and that our lead was something along the lines of we call it a racist lie and i think that that is that is factually true and that's what we do we try to we try to just stick to the facts and yes and it's hard but you're never going to please everyone where the whether it's from the left or the right there's plenty of vitriol people were hyper partisan hyper polarize right now in the wake of the.

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