Montagne Specis, Sanaa, Baugh discussed on Antonio B Jackson Presents Sweetluck's 'Bar Fights'


Sweet loves baugh fight so no holes. Boss go in get drunk. Drink vodka talk shit. We do everything. Everything focused on making pain. So them out. Israel's ball talk no longer squealers bar fight. Sanaa's vodka whiskey explicit very explicit. Everything going go this year. You lose a ball fight. Sweden's bar fights took excuse was good class window from my watch. All this event bottle of vodka twins is still listen. I've known as it was because he likes to the cable last night off drew. my girls format. This spoke part of being on the measurements so tight western going. what randy be this format. Brady nothing sauce. All know who radio ready since fish. Check it out the news since my team. Basically business this day looking around. We're going card money. Let's see the guy too much time off bury i. I just don't know what it is doing. Something florida's got moved new jersey to try jerk. Go along my father was a businessman chasing us. What i did montagne specis. And then he pays well. We haven't taken the australian where it is. There's no no switching s switch to that front..

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