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Similar to us of its you can't let the frustration takeover. I think we've found a way to frustrate teams throughout the season and playoffs and burn off to find a way to frustrate them and takes them a little bit. And just stick with it. I think it's the key. And that is Josh Bailey as he spoke in the island addressing Ramar, Nick Farr was there for that. And moments away from berry trots who has just momentarily moments ago completed his post game press comets, Greg we touch on the Bridgeport sound Tigers. Unfortunately, their season came to an end last night up in Connecticut. They played a fifth and deciding game of their opening round playoff series against the Hershey bears. The top farm club, the Washington Capitals and the bears came away victorious three two and over. Overtime. Brian Pinot scored a breakaway goal to end the season for the Tigers who had gotten goals from Matt Laredo and Oliver Wallstrom, Christopher Gibson and gold made thirty one saves but kudos to the entire organization management coaching players for an incredible season. Bridgeport that mirrored the season here for the islanders on the island. And if I'm not mistaken three of those five games with overtime. So that was about as close of a series as you could have best of five sound Tigers credit finishing second Atlantic Division. So they did have home ice in that series against one of the perennial powers really of the in the Hershey bears. But unfortunately, her she was just able to come on top, and they will face the Charlotte checkers around to the affiliate of the Carolina Hurricanes. So we almost had the NHL NHL match up. Exactly the same at around two. But not the case as the Tigers fell by Alva Wallstrom comes in after signing, his a show and also entry level dealer doesn't kick in until next year. But not an amateur tryout just so he could play the end of the season. After his year at Boston College came to an end, and obviously had an excellent few came at the end of the regular season was key in the sound Tigers few wins that they had in the postseason. So the eleventh overall pick from the honors this past Jude at a nice little debut to his professional career. We you on the NHL playoffs. What's going on one more game tonight a game two in San Jose between the Avs and the sharks? San Jose won the opening game five two. So they will take a two names the non lead that seven thirty tonight on the NBC sports network tomorrow only one game, and that's in Dallas as the shears shifts. The Texas the blues and stars at tied at one game apiece. That's eight o'clock on NBC sports network. And then Tuesday night a pair of game threes the series shifts to Columbus where the Bruins and blue jackets are tied at one that will be seven o'clock on the NBC sports network. And then the late game San Jose at Colorado as they moved to Denver for game. Three of that set ten o'clock on NBC sports network, the upcoming schedule for the islanders it shifts to Raleigh North Carolina for the next two games. Game three Wednesday night at seven o'clock game four Friday night at seven o'clock, and Greg we don't know if the hound have played their last game here this season in Brooklyn. We certainly hope they have not. But if a game five is necessary, it would be right back here a week from today. We don't know yet. Whether that would be a matinee or a night game. Just like we said after game two at the Cal State. We don't know the play their last game the calcium do rounds to and beyond would be here in Brooklyn at Barclays center. The elders took care of business in Pittsburgh one game one games three and four in the steel city to sweep the penguins to move on to the second round. And now out just have some work ahead of them as they want to tie up the series and games. Three games. Four. It would take wins in both of them to come back to Brooklyn, even I only have to one of the two games just to get back to Brooklyn for a game five, but they need to win to if you'll even better take back home ice because they've been both games. Then it's a best two out of three and the owners would have two out of three home. Games in the final three games of the series. Both teams can claim some pretty good numbers going into game. Three. The hurricanes are three and go in the playoffs at home this year. They outscored Washington twelve to three in those three victories. I want in Pittsburgh were to know. They outscored the penguins seventy-two in those two wins and the did win both games at PNC arena. Although they both were back in October islanders one there two to one and overtime on opening night. And then one there two to one again on October the twenty eighth and Greg it should be a great atmosphere for hockey in game four against the capitals. They said a franchise record with nineteen thousand two hundred and two people down in Raleigh in that building. We've never been there for postseason action. So it'll be fun to see that part completely packed at. They're probably the only arena that can compete with Nassau Coliseum in terms of tailgating, they know how to do it that SEC territory in North Carolina. So moments ago, the head coach of the New York Islanders, Barry trots completed his post game press conference here in Brooklyn following. The hurricanes two one victory. Here's what trots had to say. Yeah. I mean, the first one was a we're ready. We they threw it in the space. They sniped the goal. And then the next shift. We got beat off the wall of lost the battle. They got it to the front and. Got a tip. Other than that. I have a whole lot of the game. I thought we played up pretty complete game. I think I've been been using the term there's a unseen hand. Sometimes turns up that's what happened. They had two shifts on them. They made made good on it. We had a lot of chances to pull away and the game or they hung in there. And we were able to do it and forty eight seconds of hockey. You have obviously been through a bunch of these. Is it more likely that teams kind of get motivated, and you know, rebound from you know, all the close chances are can that sometimes pull the team down when they when they can convert. No, I think I think if he saw the confidence in our game today there's a lot of confidence in our game. They'll even when they scored the two quick goals are benches fine. We're fine. We were. I looked at that. I could feeling on our bench. You know? There's no reason time out or anything like that. We were saying, okay. We know things are going to happen. Let's just respond to it. And the way I thought we did. I mean, we had a lot of chances. We had some chances on the five on five on five. We had some chances on the. Six on five hundred political and rang a couple of off the post, I think Lisi had a chance to get tied up with a minutes ago. At the side of the post and went out. That's. The crew cruel reality. Sometimes is that you play really well, and you don't get the result. But it's about the state of the process and we've been doing that all year play our game play it, hard and get everything you have. And I I don't think I can say it'd be didn't give everything we just didn't get the result would think of our ethica injured in the job mcelhinney. The goaltender did ago. Now, obviously a real good job. You got the win. So came in here, we got a couple of pucks behind him. Just. I didn't go across the line. I got him behind them. But we didn't get across the line. Very the goal on that take someone that yourself there at the start of the third. No, not really we're still winning the game. No, not at all. It's a funny role because he's being blow the goal line and try to put it to the front of that goes internet. What's the right call? They made it in in Toronto to war room. So we're fine. We just go out there and win a period. We were ready to guys the right thing. It didn't go our way to start the period. And that's that's unfortunate because we've had a really really strong game. You've talked about carrying over from game to game being existent in the playoffs. And you've been down to oh. After losing to at home before does it feel a little bit. With these kind of coin flip games. Like, you could sense any of frustration from your guys feeling like that, you know, some breaks could have gone our way, and it would have been a lot. I think you're you're initially motion after a game where you feel like you're you're. You know you played well enough to win the hockey game. You don't I think it's a there's a some frustration for a few minutes. I think confidence grows out of that. Neil. What we're fine we play our game. And we'll we'll we don't win the series and in two games. But we dug ourselves a hole and were been resilient all year. We've been good on the road. Obviously they've they've got a good home record during the playoffs. Their fans are outstanding like ours today. We'll go in there and. Our best and see if we can get the results of eating very ideal clutter book, obviously struggle to get off the I, sir. No. I don't. Barry, what do you tell the team to add urgency and desperation in a positive way where that doesn't become panic and frustration for we had we had urgency and desperation today. So I don't I don't know if you if they didn't I would probably say, let's add some urgency and desperation, but that wasn't the case. So I don't know where you're going without unfortunately, I don't buy. We came desperate urgent. We played hard. Then get the result. And that is the head coach Illinois New York Islanders Barry chops as he wrapped up his post game press comet so the hurricanes come to Brooklyn and win both games task for the Greg godown rally and do the same not going to be easy. Look back though at round one. I think too that Saint Louis Winnipeg series, although it didn't work out. Well for Winnipeg. They did lose games one and two at home when into the show me state and one games three and four on the road. So the owners could look to that at least try to recreate what they did in games three and four and then again, Barry did this in round one a year ago with his Washington Capitals dropped the first two at home to the Columbus, blue jackets and ended up going to and winning the next four to take the series. That'll do it from here. New york. 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