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HE FIT in writers beds? That's where Dave during brands kitchen because everybody stays threats all the chefs come and take a big camp for chefs and now we hike in the morning and everybody but writer comes out of his New Year's and writer comes out he brings. You scare clogs out. They found that his closet. My Gosh what a cheery night. That was a good dude on guard. Yeah Yeah I used to. I used to party car We used to do radio together man. He made me Giggle East. Thirty so funny and he was so gained. Like I'm. I'm obviously a big drinker and I'd roll in to do radio with them and we pour cocktail immediately. He's like come on buddy. Let's go all. He just he. Did you ever hear the game here to get any wasn't a skit? Did you ever hear chicken? Did you ever hear the penny chicken from opening Anthony Urges OB PICTURE? I'm sorry. What was that okay. Look up Penny Chicken Kenny chicken. It was me in in NAB and Alex Shelley. We were in the New York media and I went by. Ob a wonderful guy. And what by? Okay Carlson Carl brought us it and we did. We did a bit. It wasn't even a bit. We were just talking about what goes on in the white for food and catering and so ordered that we were talking and it just it just goes off the rails so fast that we're talking about Karl making deliveries in his car and the chicken spilling out of the car a gone under the seat. Do y'all got the chicken seat. Put it back in the in this thing and then penny underneath the seat got stuck in a chicken and then he served at a wedding and somebody didn't do it now. Oh Gosh what is this girl says? Oh you got any any chicken. Journalists Injured in such a rant in such a ridiculous out of control. I mean people were crying wrong. Four people throwing people. I think you've got fired. I think it was crazy. Man It was one of the funniest things of any. I'm curious to see where his career would have gone. Because I do think he was just blowing up. I was really trying to mentor them. And getting on the on the straight narrow and he knew something we did now and he was talking about it and so I don't you know I don't know what to say about it. But he was incredibly successful on guy for Games Nasr editor and as a judge and then just getting ready to shoot tournament of champions we shot in December and he was of course in the top sixteen you know are they. Give us like seated number two and the League Glory called now sitting. There Patio my house and Oriented texted me or called me and I was on a conference call and then she texted me and I didn't even have to look at the jets and then it was just Gloria calls brother and myself and I'm sitting there going to keep it together. I'm I'm I'm a mess and I'm trying to figure out. How do I call? What do I say and I never lost words and I couldn't even get the words out just worse by the one thing I will say. Is that The skated very similar. Right way he didn't know how many people love them in admired him and respected him and continue to carry on his name and and in tribute. And that's yeah it's tough thing but it's the same goes with you you know. You're such a cool humble easy go and dude and of stand of bandwidth of of an army that she got behind yourself and as I said. Yeah you got this at the show idea. That's out there work. Let's talk about it. Maybe who knows where things go? I feel like I feel like I didn't get successful until I was in my forties. I feel like you have been in on a rocket ship since you were a kid do. Was there ever a time where you just felt like? Kinda like loss like you weren't going in the right direction. Well if you talk about rocket ship if you're talking about the Lou kid today a cardboard box and it's rocket flames drawn on the side of it and he's got to a string goggles. That Saraga Jim at some what happened on No you know I. I don't think it was ever I I feel the same situation. You are the older you get. I think the better you can navigate what you're doing. I forcing was navigating at my dad. Super both my furniture are awesome and both were super involved with my family. My Dad just got cancer but both my parents were very gaffe. Negotiating fucking awesome seventy six years old these fake Radha cancer staged reading whatever and beat it in kicking ass. You know now trying to get stay goddamn home. 'cause parents why are they acting like children? Do not get it but anyhow my parents gave me that environment they were hit. It's not smoking hippies. After all served by that amongst got toby we'll go but what it was his They were always anything that I could dream or think about or talk about. Everybody has okay. Let's try okay. Let's do. I called my dad when football season protocol. I was ten and I see that the Houston oilers. Earl Campbell was. My favorite player was a raider fan but the men do Houston. Oilers are playing the forty niners tomorrow. Jim just go. I lived in Humboldt Dude hours plus from San Francisco. Okay tomorrow morning we get up the job avenue morning ladonna not tickets drive speed after San Francisco Scouts tickets. This is one thousand nine hundred seventy eight you know. My parents were always super super supportive and gave me that idea and I've always lived my life under that. That model is that. Who says you can't who makes the rules. Who says this is not achievable. Who says you can't go next level. Who says you can't push the vowed who says you can't with we're doing this big relief fund right now. We've raised sixteen million dollars so far. The program called R. E. R. F. Which I it's the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. I came together and we've raised sixteen million dollars for unemployed restaurant in two weeks. Aries like what makes you think about doing that and I will make sure thinking I mean. That's like let's go to one hundred million dollars. You might WANNA hundred million. Yeah I would say one hundred one hundred million. You can't jump over the thing. You can't jump over the hurdle of established to her. You don't say that's what my goal is to make it. And that doesn't mean that I failed. It just means if these had a roadmap also joining the whole thing is not been in by any means never been handed to me by any means never bid bill. My first restaurant wife came up pregnant with hunter. Two Dogs Hundai with the two hundred fifty thousand miles on it a pickup truck through college. It's five thousand bucks. We moved from L. A. Where I was Ryan restaurants and keep up accounting where we live now and we open her first restaurant by borrowing Twenty five thousand dollars. My parents mortgage their home to get the money and opened my first restaurant that way and data so that child the whole thing is it's started so it's not it's ever been but it's you know you you you just work your ass off and you keep good people around again and treat people right. Babo bubba Bod it comes about but is not I know means but also the thing is what you get because it's doubtful when you're forty is when you work hard to get it. You don't squander blow it off and treated you know lackadaisically a stick with it man. You got to work hard. You've got to get up on the day. WanNa get up. Oh Yeah I wanNA talk to you about. The restaurant. Nelson ran by the way what I used to make butter the ex world. What are you saying? Goodbye are is your name on Zoom. Say Machines friend.

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