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First Lady and Scott as the sand is taking a more active role in her position the city police officer at the center of the controversial chokehold death of Eric garner in July twenty fourteen has been fired and Y. P. D. commissioner James o'neill announcing his decision after department trial found that officer Daniel Pantaleo did use are prohibited chokehold on garner even those garner was resisting arrest the unintended consequence of Mr garner's death must have a consequence of its own therefore I agree with the deputy commissioner of trials legal findings and recommendations this clear that Daniel Pantaleo control longer effectively service in New York City police officer that decision comes after it the department of justice along with federal and state prosecutors all decided not to press charges against Pantaleo in the five years since garner's death those are county sheriff's deputies are looking for a man caught on camera touching himself in appropriately at a construction site in the notice asset investigators say the man has been going into the construction site at least three times in the last six weeks a picture of the suspect is posted on Hillsborough County sheriff's office Facebook page there's a new attempt to sisters all the cold case murder of Pinellas county yesterday marked six years in forty two year old Tracy Pulido was found dead in our St Petersburg apartment case remains unsolved but a ten thousand dollar reward is recently being announced police hope this could lead someone who knows what happened to break their silence and come forward to tell a beach man is the latest we arrested for making serious threats via text messages sent to his ex girlfriend to carry out a mass shooting officials were alerted to the tax of twenty five year old Tristen wakes including plans to shoot up a large crowd killing up to wonder people wall which suggests that he had a target in mind he did not specifically name at several police agencies in Volusia county along with FDLE thou what's Daytona beach shores Winn Dixie store he's being held without bond college kids have back to school this week across the state but one campus is closed in Palm Beach county today Joe Malcolm reports administrators at the health career institute in west Palm Beach of cancel classes because of an accident on campus over the weekend college took to Facebook to post a notice to students so they didn't give details about the accident that forced a school to close the building until further inspections it was noted there were no injuries we've since learned a car drove through the building not stopping until it went out to the other side H. C. I. says the colleges administrative office remains open for anyone with questions according to the post classes resume tomorrow H. C. I also has a campus in fort Lauderdale I'm Joe American state senator Jeff Brandis of Saint Petersburg will once again try to end the existence of the state's controversial constitutional revision commission this time he wants voters to decide in filing a new Brill Brandis is proposing a ballot initiative will let voter's decide of the commission that only meets every twenty years as accused of so called bundling of issues it's confusing amendments should be abolished and the twenty eighteen election for example one ballot initiative created by the commission combined a ban on offshore oil drilling the ban on workplace vaping and the church of Scientology says the latest lawsuit against it found in California is nothing more than a publicity stunt for women who flocked filed the suit claimed the church Rassam after the accused member an actor Danny Masterson of sexual assault three years ago it's.

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