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Potties pies the flaw that he's dump thought by center welcome back to another addition of zero block thirty i'm uncle chaffetz i am joined i'm actually in the studio with captain cons we have our big week i would say this is becoming like an annual tradition that this is the big game not just for army navy big week for army navy big week for their black thirty yeah is very cool thing and i always like having you here it's always wanted to be here brennan is in studio as well even though don't you even though i don't like it all what you're wearing i am wearing completely shut out to my man's austin it under armor who sent me a bunch of the blue angel shit i am rocking at everybody's been complement me all day saying how handsome i look in this electric electric blue i can agree with them more we have a big big show lined up for you guys today we have the boys from part of my take me have big cat and pf pfp we have angelos out in pailin tonio played by roane boy wrong from parcels sports we have the new england patriots joe cardona the pittsburgh steelers alejandro villanueva and we have a showtime guest that is doing a documentary all the sheer on navy football huge huge show for us but before we get into that i wanted to talk a little bit about president trump's teeth okay let's go let's go right into it i think remembering back whenever you had did you guys do boards like nco the quarter we owe i wasn't involved but we del k outlawed that's what i wasn't sure about if officers involved because they're hanevold for us all in the decides it all i could think about the entire time that i watch and brennan i want you to pipe in the vault the the clippers let's listen to the clip of president trump talking with what i think is his dentures falling out and he recall ourselves too.

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