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The subaru retailers of new england allwheel drive traffic on the threes is it clearing out a little bit well in most areas it is laurie one of them though that it is not clearing obviously chipped williams tunnel westbound of very difficult theory should try to make your way out of the airport this evening through the ted williams tunnel reports of a crash in the area near south boston and seems to be jammed out towards the exit twenty five on the ted williams tunnel in the ted williams tunnel westbound self you come down ruwais one eight you can make your way over to the 70s settled that may be a better option for you no delays and the callahan and it over to the airport and the rest to downtown is easing out the tobin bridge is okay storrow drive e still some company hitting past mass general to leverage circle and still busy on the leverett connector inbound down north attempt to get some delays still by the cloverleaf 128's southbound is slow through wakefield reports of a crash before route 28 in reading 120 northbound his heavy from route 38 in woburn to 93 three in ninety three south is slow with a crash reported uh just south of four months fail ab west to town on the mass turnpike we have a left lane crash out by one twenty two and military south of town expressway southbound is eased out northbound is heavy furnish brocton upon said and route 3 along the south shore is fine now down into plymouth next report seventh thirteen wbz's traffic on the 3s the chair fair and weymouth on route fifty three do you believe more than three hundred barring counters tools and within one hundred nine it's currently on display visit the chair ferry weymouth perea now for special winter savings saa.

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