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No one else saw this. Other garage doors the fixed with this type of rope. These are just you know? These were common sense questions that I had about this. A. Part of this job is to ask why. I'm a curious person asking why or how or where or who these are all? Common questions you ask in this business. And those were things that I ask I just didn't find answers. And that part I blame Nass car that you. You know you sent this alert out. And then we didn't have any other information. The picture should we should at least had a picture of like. Let us know where it was. And I don't know if it was cut down immediately I. You know there was just still it feels like there's still some missing parts with this that I just don't understand. And I don't know if we'll find that out. But the FBI did its investigation and came out and said that it was a news. But. It was not a hate crime. An unintentional, so I'll take them at their word until I find out something that might be the contrary. But once again. I have no desired results from this. It just felt like. I'm guilty of this. We go from A to Z. WE GO from zero to one hundred miles an hour with no brakes. Get. It felt like that. But I didn't have any other information to the contrary. And when NASCAR put this out. I thought NASCAR probably did their own investigation before putting this out or at least bringing some parties in to investigate or talk to. Buy didn't get any other information and the FBI comes in. They didn't find anything okay. But we'll talk to. bubba Wallace about this. Your phone calls are welcome I. I want to move it forward if we can. That's always been my philosophy when we have topics like this. What are we saying here? It's not. Typical, you overreacted or whatever it might be. You're trying to to woke woke. I've already heard everything today. And If. You're going to tweet if you're GONNA. Be and chat role. You'RE GONNA call. Just be respectful. You can have your opinion and I give you the. Opportunity to have an opinion. Okay? But be respectful in what we're talking about..

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