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The best possible because if I think if any other promotion with Iran a wrestlemainia weekend show which I mean this is my opinion other companies could probably proven wrong but you're kinda pulling out the best of the best. You're pulling out a super. Show it to get people to look at your company but for a w it did seem like this was a regular A._i.. W show just like you said to where you know you could technically technically miss this show. It wouldn't mattered for like other companies but no business like no like they're. They're storyline stuff going on. There's titles and they're just a bunch of fucking regulars yet. You know what I talked to John About that on the EH W podcasts <unk> caught that last week and he said point blank said I could have booked a super show. The problem with that is then what happens next month when people you know we traveled to New Jersey to see our brand. PEOPLE PEOPLE TRAVEL DOWN FROM DETROIT <unk> come in from Indiana coming from Erie. You know somebody sees the show. In Jersey loves it travels from Jersey seven hours and all of a sudden we go from seeing the super show act to seeing the regular product and the regular product is outstanding but you can't put on a super show every month so you would just it's counterproductive. You know you have to get a take the guys that you have and make them stars in in its own on in our own little realm of Cleveland that we you know we push outwards. <hes> I think you you talked about the summers a maybe a couple back where you said you know some of these guys now that are getting started in Cleveland and booked in Indiana Ghent booked in Chicago in Eerie Juicy. W everything out <hes> you know P._M.. E and P._B.. And even just mentioned Matt Justice a Big Star with the with the Satan crowd and sorry I couldn't resist huw at the destroyed by train of thought but you have to it has to be self self sufficient. You have to be able to to take keep a storyline going to put something out there month to month that people are GonNa WanNa see that isn't just you know oh ha all into sorry man to be honest. Almost all those dudes were booked on other shows like I went to a lot of other shows in that building that weekend and I saw a bunch of those guys on Black Label on that craft show you know the were other shows throughout the weekend that some of the w guys like me and the production and different people were on <hes> so it's not that they just just went there and today I w but to me it's the fact that A._i.. W was able to be like no this. This is what we do. This is our thing. He's our guys. If we're going to have fucking show these are the guys that are going to be on our show and man fucking love the the way that I mean it because it could be to this was the first booking for certain people and then they end up getting other bookings because of it if you didn't run how many of these people would have been at some these other shows not a knock. I think I hate to disagree with you but I think the dudes that black label we're going to be on the Dude Zip black craft. We're going to be on that fucking black like I there were plenty of people who have had will bookings for the weekend because they've spent the last year and a half branching out from just being a w guys and traveling traveling to Pittsburgh and go into different place at W. improve themselves so oh could could they have not had other bookings sure. I'm sure there's possibility and you know I'm not in charge of the bookings. I don't know the timeline for how shit worked out on saying is I don't know that they wouldn't have had had the opportunity had not been there. It's definitely one of those things we we don't know but still like seeing some of these people in New Jersey for some of these shows however it happened with with F._W.. Without add every whatever is still so cool to Z. and made this show even better I saw somebody non-related to w was a wrestler and I don't remember specifically what was but he tweeted something to the effect of rolled in here one hundred deep Mr Brixton her gang gang and it really did like you can feel like the w group that was in there was very tight knit that was mister brewster from when I remember seeing it yeah I happen to see the tweet from him. I'm like the dude hopefully will be on this show. By the end of the ear. <hes> won't get too much into but something I planned yet. I caught that from him and I'm like I thought that was so cool because that's like another wrestler just acknowledging lodging Mike What it's like to me like not even being they're like Oh yeah I could pitcher that. That's that seemed one hundred percent right that seemed true going back to the show that we are reviewing we have may it's warner with the Duke Luke versus Nick fucking gauge. How how split was this crowd? Actually being there like love your thoughts on Stacey. I I don't know if you agree with me. This wasn't a split crowd. God this was everybody loved Manser. Everybody loved gauge. It was I mean jet. Tears are the same for both guys. There may have been a handful of G C. W <hes> that are folks folks there from Jersey who were just a nick gage guys but Manse Warner had a whole lot of love in that building. I I think it's interesting that you know this was the scene versus the G. C._W.. Champ and now that matches happening happening again so credit thorns for a really cool kind of important match purse this was according to the stats. This is the second longest match of the night long smashes the main event and and I don't know where to describe in it but it was so fun to watch <unk> I love bands and I love gauge and it was just fucking crazy this. This is one of the ones that you can tell they had time I mean we had two minutes of simple man. He saw on Manse for the first time by the time these guys got in there. You had the the the dichotomy between the first match which was just rushed violence with Eric Eric and Bobby and the Tijuana this was that deliberate violence that slow building <hes> the one thing that Nick Ages really good at and managers getting a whole lot better at this setting up those spots lots of building that anticipation with you know pulling the doors and setting up the chairs and see you're just you know the slow bill to what's going to happen with this. Man Crowd was hot for both of these guys that that chair hair shot that the duke took was sick and I like moment I just generally felt bad that he <unk> just sounded and looked rose. <hes> I'm sure jobber we disagree. He probably would want it harder next time using the doors using the chairs there. Wasn't you know as much crazy crazy violence I mean it wasn't like mansard using a staple gun or anything that what it was that hard hitting just deliberate violence <hes> which gauges gauges just so good at mansor like Manny's getting so get Mansour skinny so good so fast on paper going into it and one of my favorite things about this match because I like win. Sometimes I like to have an expectation for a match and be pleasantly the way I didn't expect on paper. I thought this match were I thought this match was going to be Bishop Greeny and it was it was brutal but there wasn't blood. There was just shots. It was just it was like it to me. This match felt like a esene W R._J.. Corman it was it was so good I like this match it <unk> these two guys aren't just a gimmick of Shit <hes> and and just being blood and guts guys match the you guys help me out on this but the finish was the was gauged piledriver into piledriver into the power bomb. Whatever you know whatever whatever you want to call it? That's what it boils down to to get manse for the three. I love the finish because that was like the time that you're like that's it. That's the finish you know piledriver piledriver power bomb. That's it you know that's enough to keep anybody down on his real happy with the finish it just it made so much sense. It's like so much brutality in such a short time that you like nobody's kicking out of that you know engage goes over perfect man. I gotTa tell you haven't been in that building putting all weekend while you know based on who's shows with obvious Joe Jr nelas weekend. I don't know man that building sought like it belonged to Nick Gage all weekend every show he was on the clock in minds for Knick game like the loudest. 'EM VK chance I've ever heard the loudest nick fucking gauge chant like it was he was on black label. That's usually like a clean. No Person Show Non Fuck Gates loud. Aw <unk> shows it was just that building belong to Nick Gage that we get next up. We have the main event of the evening the hey I w absolute title four-way Match Matthew Justice versus versus. Tim denounced versus filthy. Tom lawler versus P. B.. Smooth this match lasted eighteen and a half minutes and I'm GONNA shoot to the finish real quick. It's the moment that a lot of people full figured was coming and rightfully so Tom lawler new A._i.. W absolute champion. I figured this was this coming. Even though I did pick danced I did picked on but I don't know I just want to throw a curveball because technically we recorded accorded that on April fool's day and I almost WANNA say they Elson April fools joke but I held back like now just make that might take fuck it man. I don't know if you caught where Tom Waller was announced to be fighting out and I know yes. I did catch to you but it it warmed my heart a little bit. The top waller was announced from the funhouse forgot about that that one that was cool as fuck. It was like that weird thing of it by not mean Shit like people people out there they never heard of the fuck and fun house or they've heard of it but they've never been there but that's a little piece of Cleveland in the main event fuck-ass from totally so I I have watched. Is Tom Speech at the end part of a broadcast your whole things there. I'm blanking out on what he said. No I seen it but a little bit of a speech she I think he says something about taking us all to the benches the funhouse second time like I'm heading to the Fun House or fun. The House and drinks are on me or something like that. I think even references like the big drink i. I didn't watch all the speech this one but you know he's he talked about how he w was the first company that take chance on him. Yeah goal years ago and stuff you know with him. Being you know big Shit at m. l. w. and stuff <hes> I thought that was really cool yeah but he kinda gave credit credit was seen like I don't know if you just said it with not as much genesis about unthinking but like it was almost like he took a shot at Shayna like he I mean fight out mentions or mentions her on the level of riddle and I'm like is that a shot at Shane at two or is it. Just I'm not somebody who's WHO's using this to like catapult myself why that was the point was that you know all these other anime folks have some ulterior motives of where they'd like to be an easy. He's doing what he wants to do. Yeah it's the way I took it. Which I I love him for like how I feel about Matt Rentals been well documented on on this podcast? I'm not getting into it. I love Shayna but there is I feel like with filthy taller. He he's like January having fun at these shows and he seems more like a guy who just like any other regular w wrestler who's having fun now like well this is this is all on percent business farms granted. It's business but he has a lot of fun and I think I did too but it was definitely you'd knew where she was going but then again I don't know if that's one hundred percent her fault because you knew with who she was associated with yes she was going to get picked up on Santa's when you see Tom Lowering Cleveland when you see him at the w shows does when you see him at the after parties you could tell you when Lee likes Cleveland and if so good that he made biggest platform A._I.. WS been on to voice that Giovanni anymore thoughts on the rick now no. I think Tom Lower has fun. I think he doesn't take himself too seriously. I think he knows he's a bad ass. I mean I think even said something about the fact that you know there's nobody that can really take him and I kinda got the same thing you guys did from the shame Amen and riddle <hes> reference but I just thought I you know every I think the summers I can't remember if you've seen in bed with after parties and stuff. I've been there when these passing around those giant drinks and just laughing at having a great time. I don't think he takes anything to seriously. I think he he thinks he's happy with what he's doing. He's a pretty satisfied guys. You Know Scott got his place out Vegas. I'm sure Nice family and and you know I don't think he is another one guys. He's going to be in demand for longtime and he needs to be at..

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