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T o p traffic. Well, it is dreary out there. But at least it's Friday. Lauren Rickets. You're absolutely right about that. You know, it's Friday, and the good news is we'll get the rain out of here just in time to start the weekend, So yeah. Ours out there. Really? They're lining up along I 95 points to the east. If you are traveling on this Friday, the rain goes really along I 95 all the way up to Philly, Baltimore down through D. C. Richmond and right into Raleigh, North Carolina. So again, showers along I have pointy sense where the steadiest Frayn is. If you are west of I 95 you'll have a few showers today. But again, not that steady rain that we're seeing just east of the D. C area temperatures in the fifties. That's it. We're going to keep that chance of rain all throughout the day today, So just chalk it up. Today is a little bit of a wash now going to be a washout. But again, not the prettiest of days would clear out overnight rapidly after midnight. Temperatures plummet into the twenties and thirties of freeze watch in place along the Shenandoah Valley until 10 a.m. tomorrow morning, And then we warm into the sixties. Tomorrow fifties and sixties. Tomorrow during the day, plenty of sunshine. We stay in the low to mid sixties on Sunday as well. Plenty of Sun 58 right now in Washington, Baltimore, 55 Manassas. 57 Lauren 55 r reading in Friendship Heights. Brought to you by Lin, The plumber trusted same day service seven days a week. It is 11 21. Now there is no guarantee that Maryland will actually begin building toll lanes on the Beltway and I to 70. But if it does happen, the estimated cost might shock.

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