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I I am a little worried more than anything about the offense of line trying to protect Brady against Ingram Bosa when they played last Lou those hot feet when they played last year that was one of the highest percentage of pressure that Brady had all season. And you know, what he did reacted like the MVP was in two thousand seventeen. I don't know if they get that sort of pressure, especially. Trent Brown, the left tackle for the patriots is a bit of a concern if they get that sort of pressure this year is he gonna be able to react like he did in that regular season game a year ago where they kinda played keep away on the charge. Your remember the the sound when the pressure gets on Tom though, you remember the sound. Disrespectful. The number. It happened a payment. Remember Payton manning near the end when he did those little slides the when he was about to get sack same Sam. But the difference is paid Manny was one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the league this year. PF had Tom Brady is the number five hundred very he had a lot of good believes. They Tom Brady was the fifth. Best had him as an item is ninth or tenth agree. I wouldn't have very good quite but still very at. He don't like that pressure anymore. At all the weird thing, though, is I think what's been lost his struggles to me that's part of it. But he's just missed guys that are open. I think mcdaniels has been getting guys that are open and and Brady hasn't seen him, which is just so UNB Radi. Like that he's been is down here. Little nervous that might be it that made a good week seventeen. I think designate very young could be a big factor in this last week that he he really was a huge reason they were able to knock out the ravens hit a forty two yarder. Punt return that set. Set up a field goal in the seventy two yard as well. It's like you can get a couple of those their special pension Gord twelve point. Absolutely their offense. Only scored about eleven points for them in terms of actually advancing the ball. I do think though this different patriots team than what Dan Dan Hans. Then then like stylistically, I think that's a good thing. I think they're a little more early two thousands. I think it's gonna be snowing and if it's not snowing it's going to be like twenty twenty five degrees. And I think you're gonna see a lot of six offense of lineman. You're going to see a lot of Dwayne Allen. You're going to see a lot of James Devlin and Sony Michelle and James white and a lot of running. And I think that's kind of what they do at their best. And the last time that that lady terrify me, but no, they're not. I mean, it's twenty I'm saying they they wanna play like a twenty four to twenty style a game. They are not a high fine team. But I think that physical brand of football will play. Well there in FOX the caravan. I have a feeling that if they if they lose. This game the patriots. And if it's an ugly affair for Tom Brady that it is the end of Tom Brady, that's what I'm talking about. And you know, would really help Tom Brady for the seventy. I mean. This. What would really help Brady is if gronk hadn't retired that would really help them in this game. Well, we'll see the funny charters Ricky Hollywood the Jarvis didn't play any linebackers last week. And it was partly because their linebackers terrible. It's like they're going to have to play linebackers probably this week or the patriots are going. They're very good as the patriots are loading up the caravan. They're gonna they're gonna it. What does that mean in this get all the trucks ready? We're going right down the middle your that's what I'm saying. You're going to play seventy Bax come on. Now, we're going to bring Bevin like you said we're gonna bring Dwayne out and we're going to bring an extra offensive linemen. And we're gonna run it down your throat. You think Bradley is going to have the same attack? No. But I do think the patriots are gonna load up and they're going to turn they're gonna try to turn the chargers defense into what they used to do to the Colt and run all over Brady more game plan to pendant than I think he was early in his career that they need the right plan for everything to work swimmingly..

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